Thursday, December 29, 2011

Letter Sand Art!

Here's a great activity that I used when I started my teaching career in Kindergarten.  I hope many of you find it useful!

Materials: colored sand, glue, large index or medium sized index cards, container, and a pencil or pen

1. Write or have your students write the letter of the week on an index card (I had them do two one for capital and one for lowercase).

2. Students trace it with Elmer's Glue (I don't think glue sticks would work).

3. Sprinkle some colored sand on the letter.
4. Pour the rest into the bin, which makes it easy to clean up and reuse the extra like Terri mentioned from Terri's Teaching Treasures with the glitter glue!  I hadn't thought of doing that with glitter for some reason so thanks Terri!  It works well with the sand!

5. Let the sand dry on the index card and the children will have a textile letter.

Differentiate: For the students who already know their letters you can do the same thing with sight words!  Many will fit on the large index cards or you can use card stock!

I hope your students have as much fun as my students had doing this.  I have no doubt it helped them learn their alphabet much quicker!


  1. Dear friends, family, and fans,

    I tried to post this link on my FB page (one of you can if you don't mind!), but it asked me to put in those letters and I tried again and again and I know I put them in correctly more than once. It kept saying wrong until it logged me out for 24 hours. I can read things, but can't post, same with my own regular page. :(

  2. Hey Brian! Cute activity!!! About FB...I had that same problem the other day. I had to delete my cache (all those temporary files and history). I hit Ctrl, Shift, and Delete all at the same time to get to it. Hope this helps!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  3. Dana,
    Thank you so much! I have so many boxes of my Kindergarten stuff if I can find it, I'll post some pictures of the activity!

    I can still log into FB and I can like posts, I just can't comment or make my own status or message anyone. I don't know if your trick will fix that or not. Otherwise, I'll be back on there as soon as it lets me. I'll go try it, thanks for the suggestion!

  4. We do the same thing when making sand paintings during our unit on Native American tribes. Such a great activity for all ages.

    Your newest follower,
    Teaching in Room 6

  5. Thanks so much Stephanie for following me. I'm following you too! :-) That's a neat idea to make sand paintings of Native American tribes!

  6. Thanks again for your tip Dana, I'm so happy it worked!

  7. Congrats on your blog!! I need to get back to mine :) I started one last year and then I moved to 2nd grade, so I need to revamp my blog.


  8. Thanks Ali! What grade did you teach last year? I'll hope on over and check out your blog too!

  9. Brian,

    Congratulations! I have given you the Liebster Blog Award! Come to my blog and check it out.

    Good luck with your blog!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  10. Sally,

    I am completely 100% honored to receive a blog award. Wow! I am trying to figure out how to put it all on my site including giving it to 5. I am so new to all this. lol


  11. Love the idea! And I had the same problem with FB the other day... somehow it fixed itself the following day.

  12. Love this idea! I am going to share on my page!

  13. Thanks Rachel! Ms. Kelly, wow so awesome, I'm glad you love it enough to share on your page. I hope you or others try it in your class and come back and let me know how it went!


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