Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Class and Team Building Activities

Do you need ideas for class and team building activities?  If so you came to the right place, I have some ideas for you that you may or not have seen before.

1. The first one I've read about online, but I don't recall the name of it.  I will call it a tangled web.  Take a ball of yarn and have your whole class get into a circle.  Start by saying something about yourself that nobody in the class knows.  Then holding the end of the yard throw the ball of yarn to a student.  They name something that nobody in the class knows and holds the end nearest the ball of yarn and throws the yarn to another student.  Each student shares something that nobody knows about them and throws it to a different student.  You then have a web of yarn.  Each student then one at a time takes their hand off the piece of yarn they are holding and they will see how the tangled web starts to fall, which demonstrates team work.

2. Never Have I Ever - Students sit in a circle and put all 10 fingers out and on the floor.  One students starts and says something they have never done.  For example  Never Have I Ever played on a football team.  Everyone who has played on a football team would fold one finger.  The ones with fingers left when time is up are the winners.

3. Compliment Game - Each student has a piece of paper on his or her desk.  They walk around from desk to desk and write down something nice about that person and sign their name.  The child then has a nice keepsake to take home.  It is best if you can steer children away from just saying you're nice or you're pretty.

4. Jigsaw - If you want something academic try Jigsaw.  This is a popular one that most everyone probably already knows, but have you tried it in your classroom?  I think it is perfect especially for 3rd and up and I did use it in the 5th grade short term that I had last year as well as during subbing.  If your students do not sit in groups, put your students in groups.  Then number them off (try to give each student in each group a differnet number).  Have all the 1's go to 1 area, 2's another area, 3's, and so forth.  4 in a group seems to work best.  Each group has to read and summarize part of a topic that you are learning about in class in Science or Social Studies or Nonfiction reading.  Then they go back to their seat and the 1's start by telling their group what they learned, then the 2's, 3's, and so forth.  You can hold them accountable by having each person in the group write down something they learned about each topic.

Those of you have that have viewed my blog earlier in the year or have read my All About Me page know that I am a huge reality tv fan.  The Amazing Race is a show that pairs of people have to work together.  An awesome website that I stumbled upon called UpLift Events.  They had a great Amazing Race event in October of 2012.  You can view the video by clicking on the hyperlink for UpLift Events and see what else they have to offer with team building!

What do you do in your class for team and class building activities?  Share in the comments!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!  Keep on smiling!


  1. Thanks for the great team-building activities! I'm definitely keeping these to try out in my student teaching placement next semester!

  2. Glad to hear it! I hope your student teaching goes well Cindy!

  3. I work with preschool-age children and have used versions of the web and the compliment game. They work well with my little ones. We also start our day having the children introduce themselves, but after a couple of months they all know each other's names (first middle and last!) so we will ask each child to introduce us to the child seated next to them. We ask them to use the phrase "this is my friend..." Another activity we use is to select 2 children randomly and ask them to shake hands and introduce themselves to each other: ie Hi I'm Mary Grace Smith. We teach them to make eye contact and speak up when introducing themselves. I'm sure these activities could be scaled up for older children just as we scale down the web and compliment activities for our little ones.

    1. Great ideas Leslie! I never thought to have them use middle names. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

      Brian :-)

  4. I LOVE your Never Have I Ever team building strategy! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas for team building! I especially like the Tangled Web idea! How fun!


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