Sunday, May 20, 2012

2nd Grade FREE Reading Literature Common Core Activities & Ideas compiled by HoJo

Heather has done it again! Here is her compiled list of 2nd grade Common Core Reading Literature ideas and activities. Click on the link below to get your copy!

I know Heather will be completing activities for Kindergarten and 1st grade, but I also just found out today that she'll be compiling a list for 6th grade as well! WOOHOO! (I might have been stalking checking her Facebook page and saw that she is going to follow through on a fan's request! YEAH!)

I hope these are helpful to you! I know I have enjoyed looking through the many FREE resources and getting some awesome new ideas. Even if you don't use the Common Core standards, these lists can still be a valuable resource!

Once Heather is done with the Reading Literature series, what standards would you like to see her do next? Math? More reading?

Have a great Saturday!
Brian :-)


  1. Hi, awesome material!! Have you done activities for Reading for Informational Text along with any others besides Reading Literature? You're the best yet!! Thanks. Anne

    1. Hi Anne, Hojo did these and let me put the link on my page. Click that link and ask her on her blog. She hasn't sent me any others to post on my blog. I am currently working on some Essential Questions for Informational Text though!!! Glad you love the materials and thank you so much for hoppin' over to my blog!


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