Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Draw and Write Phonics Sentences! FREEBIE!

I am thrilled to announce a brand new line of products that I made!  I hope that you find these useful for your students.  I have a couple of bloggers working on making examples for me so more pictures are to come!  Anyone that would like to try my products out with your class or own children and send me pictures for my blog (this can be any product) may do so and get the product for free e-mail me tigermagic@bellsouth.net

On the draw and write products there are 3 different words that go with each consonant, blend, diagraph, long vowel, r-controlled vowel, or diphthong.  For each word the students first write a sentence (this will help for the words that are verbs or adjectives) and then draw a picture.  The 4th one is for your child to apply the skill by coming up with their own word for the pattern, writing a sentence, and drawing a picture.  You can give them out individually or staple each skill into a book!  This is great for assessment, small groups, centers, or independent seat work!

It's only $15.99 for the whole pack, which would cost you about $28 to buy each set individually!

Here is everything all bundled together!

Pictures of each skill are below.  Please click the picture to go to my store!

FREEBIE Sample of CVC words:

CVC Packet - Includes CVC words for every letter of the alphabet.  Q has harder words as I couldn't come up with any CVC words.  x has words at the end and the vowels are in the middle.  All others start with the letter!

Next up are my CVCe and Long Vowel Patterns:

Next up are my blends packet.  These includes the 3 letter s blends as well!

Next I have my digraphs packet.

Then I have my bossy r-controlled vowels pack!  When in my store be sure to check out my r-controlled word sorts, which have been a huge hit featuring crabby the crab!

Then I have my diphthongs pack, which also includes soft c and g!

Finally, I have my silent letters pack!  Last one I promise. haha

As always thank you so much for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings and checking out my blog and TPT store.  If you decide to download I would love some feedback, including the freebie!  After looking at the freebie if you have any ideas on how to make this even better let me know!  Be on the look out for some pictures of some of these in action!


  1. My kids love doing 4 squares. Cute stuff.

  2. Cute graphics! Great way to get pictures.


    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I am hoping that does the trick!

  3. Pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/182606959863211132/



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