Sunday, January 22, 2012

February Behavior Freebie

My January Penguin Freebie is flying off the shelves so I thought I'd make one for February!  This one has two different sayings on them.  One of the sayings is intentionally misspelled as it is supposed to be a fun behavior note!  If you don't like that one check out the note which is also without the black background.

Graphics by Trina Clark at Borders by

Check out the Penguin Freebie to see how I use these in my own classroom!  January Penguin Freebie

I would appreciate a rating and comment if you decide to download it so I know what you like about it or what I can do to make it better.  Would you like me to continue to make these each month or ditch the idea?  Also please follow my TPT store so you are one of the first to check out the new products!

Click here to download at my TPT store February Behavior Freebie.

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