Sunday, January 8, 2012

Penguin Good Behavior Freebie!

Today I bring to you my second ever Freebie!  I hope to put out at least one for each month if teachers seem to like it.

Back when I taught Kindergarten another teacher gave me the idea to use the cute little note pad cutouts that had things on it like a Sun, School Bus, Frog, etc.  She told me to put a cute little saying on it tying it to what was on the cutouts and gave me some examples.  For example the sun might say Joe had a Sunny day today.  The frog might say Joe had a Frogerrific day.  Or Joe had a Hoppin' day.  I was also told to pick one day a month and not let the students know what day it was so it was a surprise and they would try to behave each day so they could get a good note home.

I put the names on the notes before hand, dated them, and wrote the messages by hand.  On that particular day any child who stayed on green (good day) was given the fun behavior note in their folder.  Their parents were so happy to receive the notes and it really helped build a good parent connection.  The children also seemed to try to behave so they could get the note!

So I decided I'd make some behavior notes that are similar to this.  All you have to do is put the child's name on it and date it!  Here is January's behavior note freebie.  It will open in Google docs, if you prefer Teachers Pay Teachers - listed for free, post a comment and I will leave that link as well.  I'll try to have February's done before February!

January Fun Behavior Note

Until Next Time Keep Hoppin' To It,

Brian :-)


  1. great penguin notes, Brian!! Thanks!! oh I +1 you!

  2. Thank you so much Jeannie! Glad you like it and thanks for the +1! :-) My understanding is that helps with Google on the search engines! :-)

  3. Very cute, Brian. I just found your blog because you mentioned it on Facebook! I am following you now ;-)

  4. Thanks so much Weezie! Glad you saw my post on FB. hehe :-) It is no where near as good as yours!


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