Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good Morning amazing fans, friends, students, fellow teachers, parents, and family!  Happy Valentine's Day to each and everyone of you.  I am working on a new freebie for you.

If you are a student, parent of a student or a fellow teacher of mine all my paid products will always be free to you.  You are the reason that I teach!  Send me an e-mail with your name so I know who you are and tell me what item you want and it is yours!  This isn't just for today, but anytime! 

I am really enjoying spending an amazing time with a great bunch of 3rd and 4th grade students.  I wanted to share that we are having an Ice Cream Social party.  The children are bringing in the toppings, silverware, bowls, etc. and I am supplying the ice cream!  They will also get to exchange Valentines.  I thought other teachers may enjoy this idea for their classroom for future parties.  I am going to enjoy my time with them as I say goodbye and look for other subbing jobs on Tuesday because their teacher will return.

Thank you all for believing in me and supporting my blog.  I am simply amazed that it has done so well.  I now have almost 3.600 views.  I am simply amazed!  Thanks for hoppin' by to Hopkins' Hopkins' Happenings!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brian :-)

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