Friday, February 24, 2012

Positive Friday - Week of February 20th

Well where do I start.  I'll start with my teaching adventure positives!

- I ended last week getting some amazing we'll miss you cards from 3rd and 4th graders.  I can't wait to see them again when I drop off Kindergarten in the cafeteria today!

- Check this out, I am a movie star!!!  Thanks Carolyn!

- I subbed in 6th grade on Wednesday and got some nice compliments about the shirt I wore and even had a student in my class who I had previous taught in Kindergarten.  She was well behaved for me!!!

- I subbed in 1st grade at my former school on Thursday and got to see so many of my wonderful friends.  I also saw 2 6th graders who I had previously taught in Kindergarten and both seem to be doing well!  A boy in the first grade class was so excited because he finally had a "boy" teacher he said.  He said the subs are always girls, finally a boy!!!  At the end of the day he comes to me and thanks me for teaching him for the day and tells me that he'll let his teacher know he wants me back again!  So sweet to touch the life of a child in one day!

- I am beyond excited to be with the amazing Kindergarten class who got me into one particular school because they can't stop saying good things about me.  It should be a super fun day today to teach them and get to say hi to the 3rd/4th graders.  Be looking for next week's blog post on positives from that!

- My blog is exploding in front of my eyes.  I had over 900 views from last Friday at 7pm until Saturday at 7pm.  The views have continued as I'm over 7,000 now.  I began Friday with not even 4,000 views!  You all are AMAZING!!!  Don't forget to enter my contest and get your freebie while your at it!

- I had some wonderful help this week from my grandma and brother with raking leaves.  They just won't stop falling, we bag them up and they keep coming down.  I know up North they are all down, but not here in Florida!  Got more to do this weekend.

- Some of you like me are huge country music fans.  I am so very excited that a singer of a duo that I grew up listening to is putting out new music.  It's Kix Brooks, formally of Brooks and Dunn!

Don't forget to follow my blog and post your positives in the comments.  I really want to hear about your week.  It would make me super, super, super happy!

Brian :-)


  1. I downloaded the "Talking Sticks" activity from Pinterest this week. It is a must have pin. We used the sticks to practice spelling words. My first graders LOVED it! It was a "WOW" moment to see the children so excited about learning. Lots of laughter and smiles!

  2. I'm glad you found something fun on pinterest that your students absolutely loved! Thanks so much for sharing your positive! I hope you will enter my contest. A lot of awesome 1st grade materials are up for grabs!


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