Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hands On - Letter Recognition!

Today I thought I would share a hands-on letter recognition activity that I used to do when I taught Kindergarten and I actually tried this with pretzels in a Kindergarten class when subbing a few months ago. 1. Give each child card stock (looks even better if it is colored) or cheaper for your pocketbook colored construction paper. 2. Next write the letter they are working on using a Sharpie really big on the paper. 3. Either you or the child trace the letter with glue. My students for the most part could do this themselves so I was able to have it be a center after awhile! 4. Give them something that starts with that letter. The child puts it right on the glue to trace the letter. Example - C - Cheerios, D - Dots (the ones that are stickers), P - Pretzels or popcorn or pom poms, Y - Yarn and I'm sure you can come up with a bunch more! See the picture for a finished product for the letter P - Pretzels

This is a perfect lesson for Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st graders who have not mastered their alphabet or really any child no matter the grade that hasn't.  I have had 2nd graders who don't know all their letters.  The children have fun with it and I have seen them master the alphabet so much quicker this way!!!

 Brian :-)


  1. YES! It's like we share a brain. I just did Y is for Yarn with my homeschooled pre-K-ers. They glued bits of yarn onto a big Y. We also did pink and red tissue paper scraps on a big V for Valentine's Day. Go check out twistynoodle.com for printable large letters.

  2. Wow, Kim how neat is that!!! I bet your pre-K-ers absolutely loved it! I sure will check out that website, thanks so much! Save me time from writing it for them!


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