Friday, April 6, 2012

Positive Fridays - April 2nd, 2012

Wow, I have a lot of great positives to cover for this week. whohohoooooooo!  I hope you have a bunch to share with me too!

- So Saturday, Hoppin' Hopkins ran the bounce house because well I "hop."  I was also persuaded to get into the dunk tank by the hi-five coordinator who said he had teachers donate money to get me that was going for the kids.  That made it super hard to turn down so I did that in Titusville at Family Fun Fest at Fox Lake Park.  It was all children who threw the balls to try to dunk me and most of them were really really ones.  After the first couple of dunks I ended up enjoying every minute of it!  Here are a couple of pictures of the fun I had!


I was told I was the hit of the Family Fun Fest as children were talking about dunking me all day and continued talking about dunking me at school.  That meant the world to me that I made the children so happy!

- I got called in to sub in 2nd grade on Monday at one of my favorite schools.  Like I said in my last post it is rare that I get to sub in 2nd grade so it's so awesome to do 2 school days in a row!  The children were absolutely spectacular.  They listened so well, worked hard, and made me so proud.  They told me they want me to sub for them again!

- Tuesday, I was back at what is now my favorite school and the principal gave me a letter of recommendation to help me find a job!  She said so many things that made me smile especially that she would not hesitate to offer me a job if she had one available!  She also noted that my personality makes everyone smile among other great things.  The 1st graders were also very kind and made the day fun!

- Wednesday, I got called in to teach Kindergarten at the school I was at on  Monday!  I had this class back before Winter Break so it was awesome to see them again.  The day began with a boy crying as his mother brought him.  I remembered he had dunked me twice so I brought that up and boy did he grin and stopped crying instantly.  He ended up being so sweet to me all day!  I know I touched his life!  We had so much fun playing Reading games! They are a great group of children.  One Kindergarten child made me smile when she called me cute, smiled the biggest grin, and gave me a hug.  It's the little things in life that matter!  She filled my bucket!  This has never happened before!

- Thursday, I had a blast with 1st grade back at the school I was at on Tuesday.  My day started seeing two excited 3rd graders.  Their smiles are just contagious!  They know how to fill my bucket!  The first graders were excited to have me and said so many nice things to me.  They helped me deliver plastic eggs to the 3rd/4th graders that said "Crack The FCAT."  I filled them with candy and an individualized note to each child to let them each know how amazing each one is.  I know I filled each of their buckets.  Of course I gave the first graders eggs too.  No note because I don't know them as well as the 3rd/4th graders and they aren't taking FCAT.  The 1st graders were also so sweet and helped make some special for the 3rd/4th graders for next week.  You'll have to read next week's Positive Friday to find out what we did for them!  In the event they get on with their parents, I don't want them to know yet. haha  I ended the day seeing 3 3rd graders who had huge grins on their faces and were so happy to get the egg from me with the nice note!

- No school today due to Good Friday, but I have a busy week already lined up for next week including 3 days in a row in 5th grade at the school I was at on Tuesday and Thursday so I am so very excited!

Don't forget to share your positives from the week and try to fill as many buckets a day as you can!


  1. Hi Brian! I am glad I found your blog from the Top Teachers Group on FB! You are a brave and wonderful person to do the dunk tank!!!

    One Teacher's Take

    1. Hi Andrea! I'm glad you found my blog from there too. Thanks so much, I wasn't going to do it at first, but when he talked teachers into donating money to help children in need if I'd go in, I just couldn't turn it down. It ended up being so much fun and I made so many children so happy!!!


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