Friday, April 13, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of April 9th, 2012

I am thankful that I had yet another amazing week spending 4 days at one of my dream schools!  Today, I get to sub at a school I've only been to once and I'll report about their experience next week.

- Monday through Wednesday I subbed in a 5th grade class, which helped give me some great experience with older children.  I had only subbed 1 day in a grade older than 2nd grade since subbing a month in a 3rd/4th grade class, where I had the time of my life!  I can't stop saying enough great things about those 3rd/4th graders who have such a special place in my heart.  Anyway, I had a blast playing some a fun cooperative learning game every day with the 5th graders.  I can't recall the exact name something like Numbered Heads Together.  Maybe someone here knows what it is called and can shed some light on it!

- During those 3 days I saw the beloved Kindergarten children every day in lunch and one sweet girl made sure to tell me every day (Thursday too in line) I love you!  What makes it even more special is I only subbed for that girl's class one time!  So awesome I touched her heart so quickly!  I also got many hugs and hellos from them.  I saw the 3rd graders a few times too many of who showed how excited they were and talked briefly to me as did their amazing teacher who told me I deserve to work at the school!

- Then on Wednesday I saw a Kindergarten class in line that I had subbed for several times and they are the ones who bragged about me so much that they got me into this school.  They had another sub and they were so disappointed as they wanted me of course!  They all took off from the line and ran to me and gave me a huge group hug!  It made me feel so special!  What bucket fillers those Kindergarten children are.  I love them so much!

- Also on Wednesday I got trained to proctor for FCAT, which is a big test for 3rd and up that the state has us give in Florida.  Having only taught K and 2nd I had never been involved in that.  I volunteered to come in Monday just to proctor as a volunteer since I didn't have anything booked subbing and will proctor and sub Tuesday-Friday there!  I was told again by the assistant principal how much everyone loves me and that I do such a great job.  She made me feel so good, she is definitely a bucket filler too!

- Then on Thursday I had the chance to sub for some amazing 1st graders who I had subbed for last Thursday.  They were even better listeners for me today and a couple finished something for the amazing 3rd and 4th grade class for FCAT week.  I still can't spoil those surprises yet since they are likely to get them next week and I goofed on giving the info out one of the things last week as their teacher decided to wait for FCAT to give them to them.  So if they or their parents end up on here sorry for spoiling the surprise!

- Also, on Thursday I found out those beloved 3rd/4th graders had another sub, which was disappointed some of them as much as it did me.  I had this sub job booked though right after I finished with them.  I did though go deliver their surprises and their sub kept it for their teacher to hand out.  Many of them rushed me at the door when I came in yelling my name, giving hugs, and smiles and telling me they wished I was subbing for them.  One of those special children is the sister of the Kindergarten children who keeps telling me I Love You and the 3rd grader is such a sweet girl herself and is always jumping with joy to see me and helps friends who are feeling down.  These students are also great bucket fillers because they are so kind to me and so kind to each other.  I was told by their sub (also a man!) that they were being excellent for him!

I ride the road to a combined 5th and 6th grade class for 4 days next week and can't wait to find out what the 3rd and 4th graders who I love so much think of their surprises from me.  I know they will have huge smiles on their faces, especially when they get what the 1st graders made for them!  Next week I shall spill the beans so you can use the ideas for testing if you want!

Thanks for hoppin' by.  Please feel free to share your positives!

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