Friday, May 25, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of May 21st, 2012

The last week of school has come and gone.  I will come back to update how Friday went if I get to sub on the last day of school.  Check in next week for my positives of a great school year in a review!  Then after that I will suspend Friday posts unless I end up subbing or tutoring with children over the summer.  I'll definitely be back next year to continue with the Positive Fridays.  If you have enjoyed the weekly posts please leave a comment and let us know the positives in your week!

- Last Friday, I subbed in 4th grade at the school I've subbed the most at since January.  It was fun watching the children play board games and getting to play Multiplication Bingo with them.  They were a great group to sub for!

- Friday started out with a sweet Kindergarten child hopping up and down on her balcony yelling my name.  A wonderful Kindergarten boy brought me a flower first thing in the morning.  A few other Kindergarten children stopped by my room before the 8:00 bell rang to say Good Morning to me as well as a couple of 3rd graders and a 4th grader.  They are so sweet!  One sweet girl came running at me to give me a hug and continued doing so each time she saw me when in line during the day.  When I opened the door for the bus riders some Kindergarten children yelled goodbye to me and the same sweet girl came running around the corner to tell me she had to say goodbye one last time and give me one last hug since we don't know if I will be teaching at the school next year, subbing, or what the future will bring.  These children know how to fill my bucket and are making this world a better place.

- On the playground on Friday 3 wonderful 3rd graders stayed by my side and kept telling me such sweet things, including how much they love me and will miss me.  They told me they were watching Toy Story 2 and when I told them I'm glad they are getting to do something fun, one of the girls told me that I deserve to have fun too!  That's how sweet these children have been to me all year!  They always have something nice to say.  It was really kind of these 3 sweet children to talk to me all of recess instead of going to play.  They are bucket fillers.  Most of the 3rd/4th graders I subbed a month for came over to say goodbye too and I had to fill each of their invisible buckets with some candy!  I sure will miss this group of children and hope to have a group as special as them to teach next year!

- Unfortunately, I did not get to sub at all this last school week.  I missed being with the wonderful amazing children.  Thank goodness the kids gave me an amazing send off last Friday.  On Monday, I did get to talk to a wonderful parent of a 3rd grader who told me that I am too good of a teacher to be laying around and not teaching.  He is trying to help me find a job for next year.  What a wonderful parent!  I appreciate his kind words and help.  He is a wonderful bucket filler!

Thank you so much to every child, teacher, parent, and fellow bloggers who have touched my life in a positive way this school year.  The nice things you have done and said to me mean the world to me.  An extra special thanks to the sweet Kindergartners (at two different schools) and the 3rd/4th graders who have gone above and beyond to make me smile every single week!  You made this school year extra special!  I will never forget what those children have done for me.  Parents if you are reading this tell your children to keep smiling, they truly are making this world a much better place to live in.

- In blogger news I am just over 66,000 views  That's a 5,000 view increase from last week.  I also sold my first Write and Draw bundle for $14.99, which I am super excited about!!!  I still can't believe people lvoe things I make and are using them in the classroom.  Price will go up on this set of items after Sunday.  You all never cease to amaze me!  Keep hoppin' by and don't forget to check back next week for my top 10 year in a review!  Leave me a comment on what was positive for you during the week.  Maybe it's a simple your out of school for the summer!  Anyway, keep smiling it makes the world a better place!

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