Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cards For Kids!

Hi everyone!!!  Today, I want to feature an incredible 6th grader and what she is doing to help children and the elderly!  She did not ask me to do this, it was entirely my idea.  :-)  I found out about her and what she has been doing a little over a year ago.  Her name is Emersyn and she is about to start 6th grade!

Emersyn LOVES to make people smile, especially children!  She always has something uplifting to say or does something amazing for someone.  She started her facebook page Cards for Smiles after watching her favorite show Ellen on TV!  Emersyn loves to find children who are sick or not doing very well and make them Smile Cards!  She loves crafts so she uses all kinds of neat things to make her cards!  She asks the people on her FB page to help make smiles for the kids too that she picks each week!

Emersyn has also made Valentines for the elderly in nursing homes!  Last Christmas, she collected over 1,000 pairs of Silly Socks (socks with colors, designs, etc.).  Her mom buys some of the socks, but she also got many of them as donations.  Emersyn and her mom then sent them to St. Judes and made over 1,000 children smile from receiving the socks!  Emersyn says she got this idea when she was in the hospital and was given a pair of colorful socks!  She said it put a big smile on her face so she knew it would put a smile on other children's faces.

Emersyn's latest endeavor has been to send out tons of toothbrushes to the less fortunate children and school supplies for Whitney Elementary.  She has gotten many people to make donations so she and her mom can send them out and make so many children smile!

I have never met in person this wonderful child, but we both have one big thing in common!  Both Emeryson and I love to see children smile!!!  I think it is amazing that we have such an great role model who is only in 6th grade and doing all of this for other children.  Reading her Facebook page every night puts a huge smile on my face because of all the good she is doing for other children.

Emersyn and I would both love it if you too would hop on over to Emersyn's Facebook page and hit the like button!  Follow her journey and if you can make a donation (currently school supplies or even $5 for her to go get them) or make a card to make a child smile!  Maybe you can get your school or your class on board to help out Emersyn!  Your class could easily make Smile Cards!  Once I get a job that will be something I want to do for sure!  Tell her Hoppin' Hopkins sent you over!  Click this link:  Cards For Kids

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!  Keep on smiling!


  1. Emersyn is an amazing child, I support her when I can, other things that can help is gift cards so she can purchase items or even helping out towards postage as the family pay for a huge chunk of this. the lovely ppl at going postal has been helping Emersyn with postage when they can as well. anything no matter how big or small will help this beautiful souled child spread more smiles.
    Thank you
    Heather B

    1. Heather, thank you so much for sharing those ideas as well! Right now I'm barely making ends meet as a sub so I thought this was a good way to try to help Emersyn out until I can get a full time teaching position and can then send her a gift card or something! In the meantime I hope this post gets more people to her FB page to see all the great things she is doing and help her out! She is amazing!


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