Friday, October 5, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of October 1st

Wow, it is already October!  Time sure flies by when you are having fun with the kiddos right?  Even though it's fall it still feels like summer here in Florida.  My Florida teaching friends will agree with that one, we just don't have regular seasons here.

First I want to congradulate Ayn on winning The Learning Station CD and she is one of my newest fans!  A wonderful lady who teaches Pre-K!  Welcome Ayn!

I actually had last Friday off, which is very odd, Fridays are usually days that I book for subbing in advance.  Sunday was a great day though as the month and quarter came to a close.  I made the paper check club on TPT by selling over $500 in teaching products.  I thank you all so very much for helping me make that accomplishment.  I want you to know that the money goes to pay for the cute clip art and the rest is helping me pay off bills (including that suit you saw last week that I needed for interviews) since I am currently only subbing and not making enough to pay the bills.  Once I get a teaching job, the money will all be going to the classroom, other than clip art to make the awesome lessons.

Now to the positives surrounding subbing!

I had the chance Monday to sub in 3rd grade, which was a great!  I used to dread even considering 3rd grade because there is so much pressure on FCAT, but the special group of 3rd/4th graders that I had for a month last year completely changed my mind and I have subbed the most this year in 3rd grade.  Now on to the positives of the day:

  • Due to the sick bug going around I only 12 of 18 students, so I had the chance to talk to most of the children 1 on 1 and really help them with questions they had on their work.  I do hope the sick ones are feeling better though.
  • They worked really hard on their popcorn reading packet, math place value vocabulary cut and paste, and some Science and S.S. work.
  • The kiddos were well behaved and very quiet.  The teacher next door told me she didn't realize they were even there they were so quiet.  She couldn't believe so many were sick.  
  • As we were getting ready to line up for lunch I saw many of the Kindergarten kids I have subbed for this year and they yelled my name and smiled what a great feeling!  Another girl and her dad yelled hi to me in the morning.
  • The 3rd graders also had great manners.
On Wednesday, I had the chance to sub in Kindergarten at another school because the teacher had lost her voice.  I sure hope I don't get sick from all this sickness going on.  I wash my hands frequently in the classroom and make sure the kiddos do.  Anyway, the positives were:

  • A 4th grader saw me in the morning and was super excited and the same with a 6th grader at dismissal both of who I previously taught.  They were so kind to me and filled my bucket with love!
  • The Kindergarten kids came in so quiet I didn't even realize they were there and worked hard on tracing their names.
  • The children were quiet during the stories I read.
  • They did a nice job of mostly staying in their seats.
  • A child I was told was very difficult and went to the office yesterday was a superstar student for me.  She did everything I asked, rested quietly during rest time, and completed all of her work.  I was so proud of her and when the custodians asked me how they class was and I told them they were being, I pointed out the child and said she was exceptionally good and they were so proud of her and said they would reward her with an ice cream sandwich tomorrow.  By working together we can help children make the right choices!
I did not sub on Tuesday or Thursday this week.  I am getting to sub today in 2nd grade in the morning and then I believe Art in the afternoon and I will write about those experiences next week.

I am also happy to say we have blown past 1,000 FB fans!  YAY!!!  Also, there are now 300 of you who follow me on google connect.  You rock friends!!!  Be on the lookout as I may do a giveaway or extra freebies or something fun just for you!

I would be thrilled to hear what positives are going on in your class or your life.  Feel free to share!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings and keep on smiling!


  1. We just found you through Sara at Miss Vs Busy Bees and are now following. We would love it if you stopped by sometime!
    Katie & Lisen

    1. Sara is a sweetheart! Glad you both found me, I will hop on over and follow you both too. Thanks for hoppin' by!



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