Friday, February 15, 2013

Positive Fridays - Week of February 11th, 2013

It's Friday!  I hope each one of you had a special Valentine's Day with your class or your own children.  I unfortunately didn't get to sub and I don't have a special gal at the moment so my day was kind of blah.  Last year it was probably my best ever as I had such an amazing time with a special group of 3rd/4th graders.  They were extra sweet and we had an amazing party. 

Well on to the positives for the week!  My blog has now hit 250,000 views.  I have also sold 1,000 teaching products.  I appreciate all of the support.  Each and everyone of you mean the world to me!

Last Friday, I subbed in Kindergarten with a wonderful group of students!
  • The secretary greeted me and thanked me for me coming in to sub!  I got my key and headed off to my room.
  • Early in the day a teacher came in to work with a student and was a super help!
  • The children had fun with calendar, learning about bears, playing alphabet bingo, and matching numbers to domino dots!
  • They asked if I would eat with them because Friday is Lunch Bunch day they said.  Two of them didn't join us they told me they hadn't earned it.  I loved how honest those two children were as I would not have none.  They were good for me.
  • The children were respectful, hard working, and cooperative!

Monday, I worked a half day in Computer lab.
  • I was welcomed when I came in by the secretary and I got my key!
  • I had 6th, 5th, and 4th grade.  The children worked on a typing program.  A few wanted to do a different program, but they listened and stayed on the correct program.
  • The children were respectful, cooperative, and quiet.
Unfortunately, that is all I worked this week after having such a busy last few weeks.  I wish I was working daily whether that be subbing or better yet a teaching position.  Maybe in time I will get that wish.  I did get to start tutoring with a wonderful 2nd grade with Hidden Potentials.  I am working with him in Math, currently addition regrouping and also worked on some skip counting and mixed review.  I look forward to working with him each Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

I also get to work today in Kindergarten and I look forward to blogging about the positives next week.

In case you missed it my giveaway is still going on until Tuesday at 11:59pm Eastern!  It's for a Learning Station CD!  Good luck to all who enter!

Don't forget to share your positives for the week.  I would love to hear how your Valentine's Day went.  Any children go out of their way to do or say anything sweet?

Until next time thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


  1. What an inspiring, upbeat post to end the week! Yesterday I got to go in to school to help my son's teacher with running records and to attend both my sons'parties. I got so many hugs andsweet smiles! :-) Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

    1. Lauren, Thank you so much for leaving such a positive comment. I am so glad you got to attend their parties, do some running records, and get hugs and smiles! I love doing running records, I think it is the most meaningful reading assessment in K-2! Brian


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