Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ways to Use Technology in Class

Today, I thought I'd share some of the ways that technology can be used in class and I would love you to list your favorite ways to use technology in the comments so we can learn from each other!

  • Desktop computers, laptops, IPADS, or Kindle stations to play learning games.  I also like to use the computer for Virtual Field Trips!  It's fun to take children to the White House, Times Square, or even to Egypt to see the pyramids. 
  • Using a projector to teach, which helps keep you facing your class, which helps minimizing management problems when your back is turned to a chalkboard or dry erase board.  Children love following along with a book you are reading by placing it on the document camera or Elmo.  This eliminates the problem of I can't see the pictures!  It's also fun for students to come up and solve math problems or answer reading questions.  I also enjoy using the zoom feature as a microscope when teaching Science.  
  • Digital Cameras are a fun way to integrate technology.  Give each group of students a digital camera and have them search for different patterns in the classroom or take them outside.  Put them up on a Powerpoint and have the students describe the patterns.  Digital cameras are also terrific for writing. Students can take pictures and then use the pictures to help tell a story!
  • A listening center where you can put books on tape or CD for children to following and a recording to sheet for them to draw their favorite part and write a sentence or two about it has always been a favorite of my students.  
  • Use a recorder for students to practice reading a book in the corner and then playing it back so they can hear themselves.  Then they can try reading again to be more fluent.
  • A camcorder would be fun to use to tape students doing a skit or Reader's Theater.  Even more fun is putting a student in charge of the video taping.
  • Ipods or a boombox is a must to play music in the classroom.  Music can be used for transitions (clean up before the song ends), to learn academic material, get the wiggles out, and just for plain fun!
I hope that you enjoyed my ideas for technology in the classroom!  I look forward to your wonderful ideas. Special thanks to The Learning Station for creating the picture for this post.  Hop over to their FB page by clicking HERE they will be giving away to everyone on their FB page a FREE CD in the very near future. As in any day now!  It will only be up for one day.  They are waiting for CD Baby to finish uploading it.
*** Update the CD is available until 9am Eastern on 9/27/13 and it is the Literacy in Motion CD with Green Eggs and Ham and 19 more songs!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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