Friday, September 20, 2013

Positive Fridays - Week of September 16th 2013

TGIF my wonderful readers!  I bet you are all glad it is Friday so you can have a little time rest even though I know most if not all of you work on your teaching right through the weekend.

Well this week I subbed on Tuesday and Wednesday and I interviewed Monday, Thursday, and Friday!

Monday was the job interview at the school district.  I met with 3 people who scored me on a rubric and it went really well.

Tuesday, I subbed in an ex ed class as an assistant.  I picked up this assignment a couple of weeks ago when the bookkeeper called to ask me if I would do it.  I had K-3rd graders.
  • It was a pleasure working with their wonderful teacher, also a man.  He had previous taught for like I think he said about 40 years in high school, took 5 years off and taught again a couple of years.  Due to a school closing he ended up at this school with the little ones.  He was fun work with and had a great sense of humor with the children.
  • I mostly worked with 2 autistic students.  They were both really good for me and did their work without any problems.  In between they had fun building things with cubes or playing Uno as a brain break.
  • We worked on comprehension and counting objects.  
  • All the children in the class were well behaved and worked hard!
  • Recess time was with 1st grade and I know most of those kids from subbing in Kindergarten for each class last year, such sweet kids several yelled hi to me, gave me a hi-five, etc.
  • I watched one group of Kindergarten children at P.E. while waiting on their teacher who was in a meeting.  I have not subbed for this group yet, but they were chatting with me nonstop and they started the chatting, wanting to tell me all about P.E.  A few knew me from last year and were thrilled to see me.
  • The secretary and bookkeeper like always thanked me for my help.
Wednesday, I subbed in Kindergarten in the afternoon at the same school.  This wasn't the group I waited in line with.
  • I walked in and their teacher thanked me for coming in and a few kids immediately asked me my name so I told them and I said it is kind of a silly name.  I'm Mr. Hopkins like hop like a bunny or frog Hop/kins.  Of course they started hopping up and down and I did too as they giggled.  That's all it took and I had the kids in the palm of my hand.
  • They were doing a roll and color game with a friend when I came in.  After lunch and activity we had a lot of fun reading a story called "Buster."  It's about a dog who got lost and couldn't figure out how to get home.  Then we worked on ordering a dog by size (color, cut, glue).  Most of the children worked hard and completed it before it was time to go home.
  • The children were respectful, well behaved, and worked hard.
  • I came home and received a call from the bookkeeper wanting me 2 more days next week in another Kindergarten class.  
  • I also received a call for an interview and after tutoring I had a message on my machine saying I have been recommended for hire by the school district I've been applying at because of my excellent interview and having everything I needed completed!!!
Thursday and Friday I had interviews.  Thursday, I interviewed at a middle school for a Language Arts position.  That was a quick interview as I had not applied for it and I don't have middle school experience nor certification in it, other than 6th grade.  I appreciate that they gave me the opportunity.  I came to a request for another interview, ate, and then went.  It was at a school that I interviewed at during the job fair this summer and was for 3 positions.  I had a wonderful interview with the principal and AP, it lasted a little over an hour!  We covered everything any of us could think of and I feel like it went outstanding.  Then Friday, I had another interview this one for Kindergarten and it seemed to go pretty well with the AP.  Now it's wait and hope and pray that one of those schools says "You're Hired!" next week.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend.  Thank you for 400,000 views and over 600 TPT followers.  Please share your positives in the comments.

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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