Friday, September 6, 2013

Week of September 2nd, 2013

It's Friday.  TGIF!  I am a bit late posting it again unfortunately, but this week I did have a pretty busy subbing week and I am ready to share the positives with each of you!

Of course there was no school on Monday for Labor Day here in the United States, but Tuesday, I got to sub in a 1st grade class near home.

  • I met the new secretary at the school who greeted me nicely and handed me my classroom key and told me how to get there.  
  • When I opened the door many students waved and said hi to me whom I had subbed for the last year or two.  They were excited to see me!  Some were even from another school and they switched due to boundaries being changed.  I feel bad for those children as I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to keep changing elementary schools.  It is tough to have to keep adjusting to a new school.
  • The 1st graders worked on the number 8 in Math.  We folded a paper in 4ths and did a t-chart in one square of all the ways to make 8, drew 8 of something (they loved my fish), made some addition sentences to make 8, and did dominoes for 8.  They also practiced their spelling words, sight words, and we read some fun stories.
  • They were respectful and cooperative for me!
  • I saw some of the 2nd graders from last year who I subbed for the most and they gave hugs or hi-fives.  They were super excited to see me.  
  • I also ran into a friend's class (she had those 2nd graders last year) and she introduced me to her new class and told them I'll be subbing for them this year when she needs me to do so and several knew me from another school and were so excited.  Nice to see that I have touched so many lives!
I did not sub on Wednesday, but on Thursday and Friday I subbed for a 3rd grade class at another school near home and it was by request!  It is extra nice when a teacher specifically asks for me, I know then that I did a super job.  Her class last year I subbed for the 2nd most.
  • Both days I was thanked for coming in by the principal, secretary, bookkeeper, and greeted by the office clerk.  They are always extra friendly at this school.
  • When I opened the door on Thursday the 3rd graders said hi to me by name (nearly all of them knew me from last year) and asked me right away if I was subbing for them Friday and I said yes, and they cheered!  The classes nearby waved and said my name excitedly too!
  • This group of children worked extra hard for me, stayed in their seats, were cooperative, and respectful.  They worked on place value in Math, started a fun lapbook in S.S. on Geography, made a Wanted Poster and we read and discussed some stories in Reading, and worked on subject and predicate and stretching sentences in Language Arts.  They really seemed to enjoy most of the activities.  
  • This teachers plans were outstanding as always and she lets me do Heads Up 7 Up as a brain break. One part of the plans just said do a brain break so I used my I have who has addition and they really enjoyed it!
  • I got many hugs and hi-fives both days from 1st graders as I took mine to recess and they came in from recess.  They were so excited to see me as I subbed in all Kindergarten classes last year, most more than once.
  • One 3rd grader in another class at dismissal told me I am the nicest teacher ever!  He certainly filled my bucket right up!
So far no work next week, but I am hopeful something will open up.  Nothing Monday due to student day off/teacher work day.

I would love to hear how school is going for the rest of you.  Please leave your positives in the comments.  It will fill my bucket up even more!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling.

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