Friday, February 28, 2014

Positive Fridays - February 2014

Happy Friday to everyone!!!  It has been awhile since I've done by Positive Fridays because I have been just so busy and also ended up with the cold, which we all know is no fun.  I do want to share some highlights from the past month or so.

I have been going to some wonderful workshops learning about different ways to do Formative Assessments that are fun!  Many work well with cooperative groups or partners.  I hope you caught my last blog post to learn about 3 of the fun ideas!  I would love to hear how you use formative assessments or collaborative work in your classroom.

My children are growing in leaps and bounds!  It is so exciting to see so many of them starting to blend words together who couldn't do it before, and start to take off reading.  Even one of the parents mentioned it today that wow, her child read all of this to her!  Hard work pays off that is for sure.  

We had fun celebrating President's Day by making Abe Lincoln's cabin.  I have a couple up on my window and will try to snap a picture to share with everyone.  The children loved using craft sticks to build his log cabin!  

We had fun parent night where I was partly in charge of child care.  I also stayed to help set everything up.  They were so kind to feed everyone KFC chicken, that is a favorite of mine!

I keep getting so many compliments about things I put up on the windows for everyone to see.  Many of the ideas come from Pinterest or TPT and turn out so cute!

We practiced a tornado drill yesterday and most of my students did a super great job of staying quiet and under their desk for it.  They also did a super job being quiet for a fire drill this month.

I also got a nice picture and note from a student saying I am the best teacher ever! I love getting those. :-)

In case you haven't heard TPT is throwing a sale today.  Use code TPT3 at checkout.  My things are all on sale for 20% off, but you can get another 10% off that making it 28% if you use the code.  Click HERE to see my shop!  I have so many new ideas now that I'm back in the classroom, I just need the time to make them!

Let me know what positives are going on with you and your class.  Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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