Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why Are There Not More Men In Elementary School?

I have heard the question why are there not more men in Elementary School asked a lot.  I have seen several forums on this very topic.  Many feel there are just not men who want to teach younger children.  This is an absolute incorrect statement.

The truth is principals don't want men teachers.  I am not suggesting all principals.  They don't believe that men can comfort younger children like women can.  I have had many interviews through the year and I have been told by principals I have never had a male teacher in Kindergarten, 1st grade, etc.  I have never interviewed a man for this position, but they won't even interview me for a position above 2nd grade due to little experience.  They do interview and hire women with no experience in any grade level. 

Another teacher alerted me of a job a year ago for a Kindergarten position (I have taught Kindergarten 4 years) and I went on a 50 minute trip just to turn in my resume'.  She told me the principal wouldn't interview me because I was a man.  She went on to hire a first year teacher and I was told that teacher had no clue how to manage the class.  The kids were all over the place all year long.

I know it is not just me and that there are more men out there looking for jobs in Elementary School and also denied over and over again.  I have subbed at schools and talked to these men at lunch and at recess.  I hear the same stories that I have mentioned.

For principals who are reading this.  Have you not watched the news lately?  As many parents have pointed out to me, there are more female teachers in the news for criminal acts lately than their are men.  So if this is what you are afraid of, it is absolutely ridiculous.  In fact, it is discrimination.  There are many single families out there.  Boys and girls both need a positive male role model in their lives.  I and other male teachers can provide this to children.

I won't give up my fight to get back to doing what I love to do, teach.  A special thanks to Dr. Ezell my college professor and Mrs. Lee my internship principal who both put me in Kindergarten and believed in me so much they told me I was born to teach Kindergarten.  Also, a special thanks to Mrs. Rinehart if you are reading this who gave me my first teaching job in Kindergarten.  You believed in me from day 1, I wish I had never transferred and I hope you are enjoying being retired.

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


  1. I am on a first grade team of seven at a Title I school and we have 2 male teachers on our team. I don't agree with your blog.

    1. You are welcome to your opinion, but I very much do know that what I have heard from principals during interviews and what they have told other teachers on why I haven't been given interviews as fact. I posted complete facts, nothing more. Searching the schools, many schools have ZERO male teachers, I was the only one at the school I just taught at (except P.E. which I don't count). It is an inaccurate statement to say well men just aren't applying. I've been to job fairs (many of them!) and I've talked with subs as mentioned in the blog. Men are out there for Elementary and many want to teach younger children. Principals don't want us because they have a fear that we don't comfort like females do or they believe all the BS on the news even though far more females commit crimes on children than men do! You also work at an F school where there are a lot of applicants!

  2. I wonder if this varies from area to area. We had two elementary openings at my school this year, and our admin were disappointed because we did not have even ONE male applicant! We have two male elementary teachers in our school (out of only 10 elementary teachers - small school), and they both bring a different perspective to the table - which is appreciated and enjoyed.

    I think you might be a bit harsh in your statement if you believe all principals don't want to hire men. I think they may be true for some, but not all.

    Hopefully you eventually find a teaching position that you are happy with. Good luck!

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      It may very from area to area. I think it varies from school to school. Just like I told the commenter above, I never stated ALL principals discriminate against men. As you saw I even thanked 2 principals. Your school seems like one that likes men, 20% being men is a very high number.

      Thank you, I hope so too!


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