Saturday, March 7, 2015

Daily Parent Communication

Many of us send home communication on a daily basis to parents on how their child behaves in school each day.  Some of us use planners that the school provides and others a calendar.  We mark it with a color or a happy, straight, or sad face and typically send home a note if the child had a bad day and/or call or e-mail home.

Graphic and Border from Ashley Hughes

I have had years where it was mandated to do this and other years where it was my choice.  Having done it both ways, it is my opinion that it works best without daily communication.  Why?

  • Parents don't need to know each time a child is in timeout and why.  It becomes a "you are picking on my child battle" with some parents.  I would rather notify parents after a child has had several tough days or done something sever that warrants a phone call.  Then they are more likely to help. 
  • It takes more time for the teacher to call, e-mail, or write a note about each child who has a difficult day.
  • Children are having to do something independent at the end of the school day so you have the time to mark the planners or calendars.  This takes away valuable instruction time.
  • It sends mixed signals home.  When I would mark a child had a yellow day, the parent would give the child a consequence at home.  Yellow for many of us simply means the child received a warning.  Last year, I had children who would cry when they were on yellow because they would get in trouble at home, even though, I made parents aware that yellow was only a warning.
  • Children tend to be much happier in school without a daily behavior report.
  • Many parents don't even look at the calendar or planner.
I would love to hear why you are for daily parent communication or why you are against it.  Leave a comment, which I will approve within 24 hours or hop on over to my Facebook page where we have many great discussions and I share ideas and free products on a daily basis.

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