Thursday, June 18, 2015

No Clip Chart? Why Not?

When I first started teaching back in 2003 (Kindergarten) I used a color system as the majority of primary teachers do.  I used that system for 2 1/2 years and realized it just isn't the best system.  Children crying when they move their clip, parents not understanding the colors and getting children in trouble for warnings, taking too much time filling out calendars during the last half an hour instead of teaching children, children winding up at the bottom by 9 or 10am with no way to move down further, etc. I knew I needed to change things up.  I did eventually try it again in 2013-2014 school year since I took children from other teachers after the start of the year to help with class size.  I figured the children were used to it and so I should make the transition easier.  I eventually got rid of it that year as it just didn't work and took too much of my time. 

So you ask what do I do?  For many years I used banks for positive reinforcement.  Children got coins and went shopping in the store.  This taught children how to count and give back change.  I did NOT fine them for breaking rules.  The only time they lost money and it was all of it was if they opened up their bank prior to store day.  That was a very rare occurrence. 

1-2-3 Magic Classroom Managment

I love 1-2-3 Magic!  Very simply you count down the child when he or she is breaking a rule.  That's 1.  That's 2 (if he or she continues breaking that rule).  That's 3!  When it gets to 3 it is straight to time out they go.  No waiting until recess.  It's immediate.  No notifying parents unless it became excessive and I needed parent help.  They don't need to know each time a child goes to timeout.  When they do know every time it's you're picking on my child.  Check out 1-2-3 Magic by clicking on the book.

Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids

Then I started reading and learning about another system that I truly love called Whole Brain Teaching.  This system has many components.  I love using Class/Yes to get children's attention and calling out a rule number if a child is breaking that rule.  The children immediately say that rule and do that gesture that goes with the rule.  I also still use 1-2-3 Magic when the child just won't stop.

Whole Brain Teaching 122 Amazing Games

Whole Brain Teaching has also come up with a new book that you can check out by clicking on the picture that has 122 different academic and classroom management games!  What child doesn't like games?  I have yet to read this book, but look forward to doing so soon as I have seen how much games engage children.

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What classroom management plan do you use?  Why do you like or don't like the clip chart? 

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