Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Amazon Inspire

Amazon is working on creating a free marketplace for lesson plans and other teacher resources. You may NOT take any of my paid or even my free resources and upload them to Amazon Inspire or any other site, FB group, give to friends, etc. All of my products are copyrighted. The same goes for ANY teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher's Notebook, etc. They must be downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher's Notebook, or my blog.

I will report and possibly sue anyone who does put my resources on that website. Please respect me and my hard work. I already have 58 freebies on TPT, several others on my blog and on Teacher's Notebook. Please realize that creating freebies cost ME money. I buy the clip art to make the freebies. Please don't put them on their sites.

Thank you,


  1. What a great idea Brian! I think that I am going to do something similar on my blog. Sad that we have to be so explicit though isn't it. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you Hilary. Yes it really is sad. Most people SHOULD understand what copyright is, but obviously some don't get it so I figured I'd make the post. I wish we could get on the site now to see if our products were up there now on the beta test. Could be part of the slow down, which is worse for me since 2012.


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