Sunday, December 16, 2018

Goodbye Teacher's Dojo

My shop on Teacher's Dojo officially closed on Friday. I am sorry that you were not given any warning. I only made $36 with thousands of hours put in the past year and a half. Talking to numerous other authors they made even less than that. The owners were filled with empty promises. I suggest buyers and sellers stay away. I hate airing grievances, but I believe that others need to know how sites are run. Please note I am NOT closing my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It will remain open for years to come. Please support my little store. You are helping me stay off the streets as I have not found a full time job in years.

Here is why I say to stay away from Teacher's Dojo. If you would like to discuss these things email me at
  • The owners do not answer questions from their teacher authors 
  • Make promises that they do not fulfill
  • They rank priorities and then flip flop them with no notice or reason behind doing so 
  • They state they will remove products that violate Trademark and did so at first with Dr. Seuss by canning an entire store, but have allowed Dr. Seuss, Olympics, Polar Express, etc. on their website for other authors to sell illegally
  • They stated their teacher author newsletter would come out weekly, which has never happened
  • The search is awful at finding what customers need and ranks products according to most recent, which is unfair to original authors who put a ton of things on the site when they first started 
  • They cater to certain authors displaying only 2 teacher authors examples of their digital program in newsletters and on the site and nobody else
  • Emails are rarely ever returned 
  • Bugs are never fixed on the site. 
  • The poor customers were told that Student Dojo the digital site would be coming in August, then September 1st, then soon, then sometime in September and to this day it has never happened with no explanation to the customers. 
  • The truth is Student Dojo does not work across all platforms. Authors can't create products unless they have a MacBook Pro or Chromebook without bugs popping up, which favors certain authors. Others can sometimes create using Chrome, which is super slow and has its own problems.
  • The preview player, which the students use has numerous bugs as well. It does not work on tablets as it is claimed it does. There are blanks, incorrect answers that show up, and things that the resource pop like curved edges and shadows don't appear as they should. 
  • Schools should be aware if they don't have a Chromebook, MacBook pro or allow students to use the awful slow Chrome browser (which is the only browser the owners care about) it will not work. 
  • The owners claimed that the Chrome Browser is used the most and then spouted out false statistics with it comparing it to Windows and OS both of which are operating systems and not a browser like Chrome. 
  • Teachers and administrators beware if Student Dojo ever comes to be, which is unlikely as it has been almost a year! Stick with Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, Teachers Lingo, blogs that sell resources, and other avenues to purchase your products and I advise teacher authors to do the same as you will not make money on this site. 
  • They barely even advertised their site wide sale with no promotions day 2. When reminded and asked there was no reply.
  • The site is extremely glitchy lately sometimes with error messages so you can't even get on and other times with gobs of white space where resources should be.
  • They have also taken down the forum so sellers have no way to talk to each other
  • Select only certain social media groups for their site and reject others with no reason given
  • No way to see how many items are wish listed
  • Very little analytics that only show views and downloads
  • Giveaways with no winner announced both for customers and teacher authors
  • No inbox to send followers a note
  • Followers do not always get alerts when new products are posted and when they do they will only show 2
An example of how the site looked recently with a glob of white: 

No automatic alt text available.

If they are going to succeed they have a lot to fix quickly. Take my advice and stay away.

Thank you for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings! Keep on smiling!

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