Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year 2021

 Happy New Year everyone! I know some of you are looking forward to 2021 as 2020 wasn't kind to you. 2020 was better for me than the last several years so I'm a little sad to see it go, but hoping 2021 is just as good or better.

I am once again placing my top 10 TPT products on sale December 31st, January 1st and 2nd, 2019 for only a dollar! You can grab them in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Who can beat products for a buck that typically cost $2 to $6? My top 10 products are the same as last year except for one different one and a few changed the order. 

Addition and Subtraction Regrouping Word Problem Task Cards

   Elapsed Time Word Problem Task Cards

Phonics Word Sort Mega Packet

Input Output Task Cards

I Have, Who Has Suffixes

Place Value to 1 Million Common Core


Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators Task Cards


Picture Sorts by Kind, Color, Size, and Real Vs Pretend #byebye2020


Zombie War Multiplication 2 Digit by 1 Digit

Linking Verbs Task Cards


Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings! Keep on smiling!


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