Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!  I for one am glad last year is over as it didn't end too well when I didn't get rehired for my teaching job due to not enough space for me and I just dealt with a big plumbing issue, which discovered a mold issue. :(

However, on a more positive note, I gained many new friends from around the world thanks to my teaching blog, Facebook page, teaching stores, etc.  Thank you to each and everyone of you for your support.  Don't forget to check out Facebook all day today for Flash Freebies and Always Free products from me and some of my friends!  I also blessed to work part time for The Learning Station.  They believe in me, appreciate all of my help, and have truly been the best bosses I've ever had!  I feel very blessed.

Today, I have put the following products on sale for just $1.  Did I say $1?  Yup, I sure did!!!  I did this last year and somebody bought all 10 of them!  Let's see if anyone makes the plunge this year.  You won't see them at this price again until maybe next year!  You will also notice I'm redoing my covers!!!  I hope you like them!  They will stay at this price until I wake up on Friday!!!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!  Keep on smiling!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Blog!

My blog has turned 3 years old!  It's time to celebrate.  I thank each and everyone of you who follow my blog, download free or paid products, participate on my Facebook page, Pinterest, or anywhere else.

The adorable Owl is from Tonja at
Paper from Ashley Hughes at

I now have 822 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers, 238 on Teacher's Notebook, 2,049 on Facebook, and over 10,000 on Pinterest!  Thank you all for the support!

I've not had much participation in Giveaways lately so instead I will be having Flash Freebies of some of my most popular products (wide range of grade levels) according to conversions (how many sold per view).  If you'd like in on that action come follow me on Facebook (click HERE), hover over my name and click on Get Notifications so you don't miss them.  I do ask that you take a minute of your time to leave positive feedback if you download (after downloading a freebie click the picture or back arrow to go back to leave feedback after following me).  In return, I will continue to do Flash Freebies throughout the year and make new freebies in my stores.  This will be going on through New Year's Day! 

Thank you for hoppin' by!  Keep on smiling!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Gingerbread and Winter Fun!

Winter is on the way and even if it isn't officially yet as the first day of winter is December 21st.  I do know that many of you are already seeing snow on the ground and cold temperatures.  It's even getting chilly here in Florida!

I have FUN teaching products for Grades K-4 that your students will really enjoy.  Today, I will spotlight my Kindergarten through 1st grade products.  They are on sale 20% off Cyber Monday and Tuesday and TPT will take 10% off that total making it 28% off if you use the code TPTCYBER at checkout!  Click any picture to check out the products!

First up Kindergarten Gingerbread Reading and Math Centers includes: Capital and Lowercase Alphabet Match, Sight Word Match, Antonym Match, CVC Dash board game, Count The Room, Cover The Number, and War Comparing Numbers.  Check out some of the pictures below.

The next two pictures are my brand new Gingerbread Sight Word Fry List Words 26-75!  I have a similar sight word center in my Kindergarten packet, but it uses some of the words from Kindergarten Treasures.  Click the picture to get this one!

My 1st grade Christmas centers are still a big hit.  I have updated the cover and the skills include: Adding Sums of 9 (True or False), Missing Numbers - Addition and Subtraction, Ten Frame Match, Digraphs, CVCe, and Graphic Organizers for Author's Purpose, Main Idea, Character/Problem/Setting/Solution.  Click on the pictures to get it now!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!  Keep on smiling!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mom Made Us Write This!

I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago asking if I'd like to review the book "Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer" by Ali Maier.  I received a copy of the book and the offer to give one away to one of my blog readers in return for a book review!  Click the picture to purchase the book on Amazon.

This book is written for children in grades 2nd through about 5th grade.  The story is about two twins Maggie and Max who get on each others nerves so their mother decides to have them share a journal to write in all summer long!  They take turns picking a topic to write on.  Then the other sibling reads the entry and writes little things in the margins before writing their own entry on the topic.  They write about things that children can relate to like ice cream, hotels, roller coasters, doctor visits, and back to school shopping among others.  They also get to draw and doodle all over the entries.  It is interesting to see the different funny views that each one has about each topic.

This story would make a fantastic read aloud or for children to read independently at school or even at home.  If you are a homeschooling parent of more than one child you may want to try this idea with your children.  Give them one journal and have them take turns picking a topic and writing on the same topic.  It's a great way for children to learn to share and get along with each other.  It could also work in the classroom if you pair students up.  It may be one way to get children to learn to love writing!

Check out the website Mom Made Us Write This to purchase the book, find out other journal ideas, read Max and Maggie's blog, and more!

Do you want to win a copy of this book?  Follow the simple Rafflecopter directions to enter.  You must be a United States Residence and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize by sending me your mailing address if you are the winner or a new winner will be selected.  The contest will end at midnight Eastern Time Zone on Saturday, December 6th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About The Author Ali Maier

Ali went to John Carroll University and earned a BA in Elementary Education.  She lives in a Cleveland suburb with her husband and two
children. She loves to read, write and spend time with her family.  

Ali chose to write the Mom Made Us Write This series to encourage young readers to do something she loves – to read! Ali wanted to write a book series that would allow readers to laugh and encourage them to write and share their own stories.

Thanks for hoppin' by!  Keep on smiling!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Last year I was so thankful to find a wonderful job.  This year I don't have a classroom of wonderful children to teach, but I know God will not steer me into the wrong job.  He put me in that class last year to help turn some lives around, which I know I accomplished!  I am very thankful for each and everyone of you for your support and kindness.

I have braved the stores many times, but this year I will I'll do much of it from the comfort of my home!  I do love the internet!

Today on Black Friday, I have 4 bundles on Sale on my TPT shop.  What are they?  Well you'll have to click HERE and look at the 4 featured products!  I have put them on super sale 50% off until I wake up on Saturday.  Wow!  They are already discounted as a bundle so you are getting HUGE savings.

Next up, all of my items in my Teacher's Notebook are on sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday for 30% off!  You code TG2014 to take off ANOTHER 10% off.  Wow, what a deal!  Click the button to save!

The sales don't stop there!  My Teachers Pay Teachers Store will also be on sale Sunday through Tuesday for 20% off.  If you purchase on Monday or Tuesday be sure to use code TPTCYBER at checkout to save an additional 10% making your savings 28% off.  All products including Bundles will be discounted.  Again, 4 of my bundles are cheaper on Black Friday so that's the time to grab them!  They will never be this cheap again!

300 × 250

Thanks for hoppin' by! Keep on smiling!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Interactive Student Notebook Numbers to 20 Plus Tips

I have a brand new Interactive Student Notebook for Kindergarten teachers that I am excited to share!!!

First, I wanted to answer a couple of questions that have come up often with my Facebook Fans.  One question that I get often is when should I allow my students to start cutting and gluing.  That answer is simple, NOW!!!  They should be cutting and gluing day 1, yes even in Kindergarten.  Model, model, model, practice, practice, practice.  Most of my activities in my ISNs are easy straight lines to cut.  We all have those students with fine motor issues, you can assign them a buddy who is a fast finisher or help them yourself if they are struggling.

Another question, what do I do if my students take too long cutting and gluing.  I suggest setting a timer.  Children love to beat the clock!  Those that don't finish, don't have time to color and they can put all unfinished pieces in an envelope glued to the back!

My Interactive Student Notebooks sell for just $4.00.  My bundle is only $12.50 and you get Numbers to 5, Numbers to 10, Numbers to 20, and Addition.   Click on the picture below to purchase it on TPT.

The following are all the pages in my brand new Numbers to 20 Interactive Student Notebook.  You can purchase it for only $4.00.  Your students will be completely engaged in these lessons that include the preview, interactive, and process pieces and show pictures of all completed pages.  You can try out Numbers 11 and 12 for FREE by clicking the PREVIEW in my Bundle HERE.

Numbers 11 and 12

Numbers 13 and 14 

Numbers 15 and 16 

Numbers 17 and 18 

Numbers 19 and 20 

Write Numbers to 20 

Comparing Groups to 20
 Number Order to 20

 Naming the Next Number to 20

Give Interactive Student Notebooks a try with your Kindergarten students.  They will have such a blast!  Share with me a picture from ANY of my ISNs that I can feature on my blog and Facebook page you'll get a whole unit FREE!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


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