Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daily Five and Sight Word Freebie and More!

First off all Easter Products are on sale today, heavily discounted some 50% off, go take a look!!!  Click the TPT sign on the right of the page!  

For my birthday last week I got the book The Daily Five, which I have started to dive into.  I am excited about trying it next year if I can get a new job, especially in the younger grades, but may try parts of it with intermediate children too!  I made this EEKK poster, which if you do the Daily Five you know it goes with Read to Someone and simply means Elbows to Elbows, Knees to Knees.  If you like the poster click on it and you can download it for FREE because well I'm a nice guy. haha

Next up, is a Sight Word freebie!  This fishy game is sure to be a blast with your high level Kindergarten, 1st grade or low level 2nd graders.  Basically after reading a sight word they get to pick starfish and get the points on the starfish, but there is a twist.  They can pick as many as they want each turn, but if they get a 0 they lose everything including from previous rounds!  If you like it take a look at my addition game too!

For more Freebie's check out Angela Watson's Linky Party!  

Then you have my Under The Sea Between Numbers matching game!  It also includes a worksheet.  It is currently on sale for just .99 cents, but hurry at midnight tonight it will go up to $1.99!  As always free to teachers I work with, students and parents!  Just send me an e-mail, see the about me tab to contact me!


  1. I have nominated you for an award. Come and claim it!

    1. I appreciate it so much. I don't have time to do the requirements for the awards anymore though. I spend my time on making great new products!


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