Thursday, March 22, 2012

Freebie, Easter items, and a BOGO deal!

Howdy my wonderful fans!
Yesterday, was my birthday.  I can't wait for you to read about the wonderful positives that happened on my birthday thanks to a super special school.  You can read about that tomorrow morning!!!

In the meantime, if you purchase a product of mine you can e-mail me the title of something of equal or lesser value and I will send it to you free.  You have until Sunday at 11:59pm Eastern!  Of course as always parents and students who I have ever taught or subbed for may have anything for free just tell me what you want!  I love each and everyone of you and want to see you continue to shine in all that you do!

Now you can click the picture if you would like to download my April Behavior Notes.  One says ________ had an egg-cellent day!  The other one is the standard saying of __________ had an excellent day.

Next I have two fun games to practice ordering numbers.  The first one is numbers to 100 and the next one is numbers from 101 to 1,000!  They are just $1.50 each!

As always thanks for hoppin' by!

Brian :-)

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