Friday, March 23, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of March 19th, 2012

I had another incredible week subbing at 3 different schools, including a new one for me! I have some positives to share with you this week and I hope you have many positives to share back with me.

- I started the week out with 2 days in Kindergarten at one school with the same group of children.  I subbed for them about 3 weeks ago so it was nice to be back with children that I knew!  The custodians told me what a great job I always do with keeping the room clean and they really appreciate me making sure the children clean up after themselves!  

- At the same school a teacher told me how she wants me to teach on their team next year and she has already been telling the office how much the Kindergarten teachers and children love me.  Then she asked her class if I am the best sub ever and they all yelled yes and put their hands in the air full of smiles!  I have only subbed for her class once about a month ago so that felt really good!

- Wednesday was my 33rd birthday and I was back in Kindergarten where I was the past 2 weeks and at the school that I've been at the most since January.  They made my birthday more special than any school I've ever taught at.  The office clerk made me a cake, everyone in the office signed a card for me, and I was given 3 balloons.  

It gets so much better.  The office clerk in the morning walked into my room to give me something to send home with the children and had the whole class sing Happy Birthday to me.  Then when it was lunch time the cashier stopped the line and had them sing to me again.  I then walked over to say hi to the amazing 3rd and 4th graders who I taught for a month and as I was talking to one wonderful child a teacher got on the microphone and announced it was my birthday and lead the whole cafeteria in singing Happy Birthday to me.  The children were all smiling ear to ear.  A couple of 3rd graders in another class who I had only subbed for once and another Kindergarten child came over from their table to me to wish me a Happy Birthday.  The children at this school have a heart of gold and so do the teachers, administration, and office staff.  If anyone from that school is reading this thank you from the bottom of my heart for making feel so special and loved on my birthday.  

- Thursday I subbed at a school I've never been too, but one that I have wanted to sub at for awhile now.  I was in 1st grade and everyone was so nice and thanked me for subbing at their school.  The children told me how much they loved me and wanted me to come back.  They called me the best teacher ever!  A 3rd grader also came up to me on the playground who I taught for a month at the beginning of last year.  We were both so excited to see each other as she was a really great student who I hated to see leave.  She wants me to sub for her class!

- I end the week today before heading on Spring Break back at the school that treated me so amazing on my birthday in 2nd grade.  It's the first time I've taught 2nd grade at the school and I can't wait until next Friday to let you know all know all the positives from that day.

- My blog has over 25,000 views!  I have over 150 followers.  I have 170 on FB.  You all are amazing what can I say!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  If you are interested in winning a music CD by The Learning Station head on over and enter!  The contest ends Sunday night at 11:59 Eastern.  The Learning Station Music CD Giveaway

Now it is your turn what happened that was positive to you?  As always thank you for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!

Brian :-)


  1. Well, most importantly, after my work day today, SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!

    In addition, the week went fairly well behavior-wise despite it being a short week and the end of a screwy month o' testing for us.

    I gave an book project assignment last week, letting kids know they had lots of time in class, and 99% of my kids (third and fourth graders) either finished it in class or took it upon themselves to take any part of it wasn't done home to complete. Some of those who took it home had been sick for several days! And they did it on their own, without prodding! There's hope yet.

    Eight more weeks till summer! And then I can plan for next year without interruptions!! :)

    1. Spring Break is here to girl! I'm happy, but also kind of sad because I'm a sub and thus don't get paid so there is good and bad.

      Glad to hear your kids were pretty good and glad your testing is done. It starts 2 weeks after break for us in FL. boooooo :( 3rd and up here.

      Wow that is so awesome, I am so proud of your students!!! That is so awesome when children become independent themselves and take responsibility to make sure their work gets done!

      Amen to that girl! Thanks for sharing!

      Brian :-)

  2. To start off we had a 2 hour delay for fog and a day off for fog this week. We also took a practice SOL test in math (they take the SOL (state test in VA) in May) and I had 18 out of 21 kids pass plus one of the fails was only by 1 question so I'm hoping that is a great indication that their quarterly benchmark next Friday will be AWESOME!! I hope that next Friday that can be my positive!!

    1. Wow that is awesome! I can't wait to hear how they do next Friday!!!


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