Friday, May 4, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of April 30th

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week. How many days of school do you have left? We have 15 for the children after today and 1 more for us teachers!

- In blog news I am over 49,000 views, you all are simply amazing for viewing my blog over and over again. Don't forget to hop on over on the 6th to get a freebie that is in the $3 to $8 range from me! It will only be free Sunday.

- In 5th grade news, the children continue to use manners when they get a treat or a snack, which is nice to see! There have been times when they have been really really quiet doing their work. I am also pleased that almost every student scored a 100% on the last Vocabulary test last Friday! Spelling test scores also went up considerably with nearly everyone passing! Whohohoooooooo! One of my students also made me a drawing that I proudly hung in the classroom!

- A very sweet Kindergarten child saw me over looking her balcony earlier this week and yelled my name and waved as I walked into the school. She put a huge smile on my face. What a bucket filler she is! - Some of the 3rd/4th graders were sweet enough to sign my yearbook that I just had to buy since I know so many of the children in that school. One even wrote that he will miss me and another wrote to have a Happy Summer! I'll be letting the 5th graders that want to sign it and sign each others the last few days of school for something fun to do.

- I continue to get hugs, smiles, and hellos from the Kindergarten, 3rd and 4th grade children. Even some other 5th grade children, 1st graders, 2nd graders, and a couple of 6th grades have been saying good morning or hi to me lately. One gave me a candy bar, which was super sweet! It is a great feeling to feel loved by most of the children. These kids are bucket fillers.

- I also filled the bucket of a sweet 3rd grader who really loves horses.  I told her about the new Flicka movie that is on DVD and she just got so excited and full of smiles.  She said she is going to have to watch that!  I know I made her day!

 - Administration continues to be such a big help. They always have something so nice to say to me and have told me that I am doing a great job and they know how hard it is to take over for a class at the end of the year. These two are bucket fillers and I hope to get to work for them next year!

- The teachers in this school continue to amaze me. The wonderful 3rd/4th grade teacher gave me a great idea for lessons, which I have been using daily this week and it's working really well! I have a wonderful teacher who has been assisting me with helping children in the class who need extra help. A few other teachers are coming in to help offer suggestions and help out with children too. I have never seen such teamwork before. These teachers are bucket fillers and the children are benefiting because of it! If any of you are reading this, thank you so much!

- In non-school related news I am headed to a 3 day country music concert called Runaway Country this weekend! It's going to be a whole lot of fun! I get to meet Steve Holy and for the 3rd time Chris Young! I can't wait!

Brian :-)

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