Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sand Art - Letters, Numbers & Sight Words

I remember as a child getting sand art kits to make pictures with different colored sand.  It kept me busy for quite awhile.  During my first year of teaching I came up with another creative way to use colored sand.  My sand center was probably the most popular learning center that I had when I taught Kindergarten.

We used the sand to make our letters and sight words.  You could also do the same with numbers.  I generally used the medium sized index cards, but you could use the large ones or if your students have great small motor control the small cards would work too.  Card stock may also work if you cut it down into fourths or smaller.

First the student writes the letter, number or sight word largely with a pencil, pen, or a sharpie on the index card. 

sight words, the, green, sand art, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade


Next the child outlines it with glue.

glue, fine motor, letter, a, kindergarten, sand

Next sprinkle some colored sand on the letter, number, or sight word.

letters, numbers, sight words, 1st grade, kindergarten, 2nd grade

Carefully, slide the sand onto the plate or tray (I used to use one of those foil tin trays and had newspaper undneathe it just in case).  Now you have the letter, number, or sight word in colored sand.  Once it drys it becomes a tactile sight word, letter, or number that the child can trace with their hand. 

Colored Sand, Letters, Sight Words, Numbers

Numbers, Letters, Sight Words, Sand Art, Colored Sand
Sand Art, Colored Sand, sight words, numbers, letters

I never thought to use it in 2nd grade, but it would have worked well with their sight words and I believe they also would have enjoyed it.  It is a wonderful way to learn letters, numbers, and sight words, which fits the common core standards!  How might you use colored sand for learning beyond 2nd grade?  Anyone have any ideas?  Have you tried this in your classroom?  If not try it out and it is sure to be a big hit!!!

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