Friday, September 21, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of September 17th, 2012

TGIF my wonderful friends!  It's been a busy week, my busiest yet as a sub so let's get started!

Last Friday, I had the chance to work in a Math Skills lab.  5th and 6th grade had Strings so I had two extra planning periods!  I had K-4.

  • After doing a little bit of work, which all students in all classes completed (whohohoooooo!) they were able to build with dominoes.  The children came up with many awesome creative ideas.  Kindergarten watched a short fun Math video instead of work.
  • They did a nice job cleaning up and put the dominoes back where they go.
  • I had a couple of superstar 4th graders who stayed back to organize the dominoes better for me.  They just started doing so without asking and I told them and their teacher who proud I was of them and got permission for them to stay and finish it up.
  • Many students were excited to see me and told me I subbed for them last year!
Monday, I got to sub in the computer lab until 1pm.  I had Kindergarten and 4th-6th.  The other grades had Media Center.
  • The children were engaged on typing games in 4th-6th and a building type game and Science game in Kindergarten.
  • Many of the children remembered me and even the 6th graders cheerfully said hi to me using my name when they walked in the door!  
Tuesday, was my one day off.  I worked Wednesday for my best friend in her inclusion ESE 2nd grade classroom.  First time I had been to this school this year and it is an amazing school.
  • Several children saw me in the morning and stopped to cheerfully say hi to me.  They said I subbed for them at another school last year.
  • 5th or 6th graders cheerfully called to me from the lunchroom.  They said I had taught them before!
  • The 2nd graders were excellent listeners when I read them stories.
  • I was called nice by many of them and they hoped I would come back and sub for them again.
  • Most worked very hard and were respectful.
Thursday, I subbed in Kindergarten for a teacher who requested me.  This was one of the very best if not the best Kindergarten class I have subbed for the past 2 years. 
  • I overheard some of the girls telling each other how nice I am and that they like me a lot!  They was awesome hearing them talk about me so nicely.
  • Many of the children used I Messages to work out problems with each other.  I don't like that you are messing up my picture I drew.  Please stop.  It was incredible watching 5 and 6 years use I Messages and work out their own problems.  I hardly ever had to step in they were that amazing and well behaved.
  • No talking during instruction or stories and quiet voices during work and centers.
  • They got a compliment from the P.E. Coach for being so amazing at P.E. and many from myself!
  • We had doing activities with If You Take A Mouse To School!
Check back in next Friday as I get to work today in the same Kindergarten class.  They are so respectful that it is going to be another fun day!

 In blog news I'm closing in on 155,000 views and will probably reach it sometime today (Friday).  I also sold my 200th product of the quarter, which amazes me!  I can't believe so many of you love my teaching materials that much!

What were your positives for the week?  Please share below.  They can be work related or personal.

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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