Friday, September 7, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of September 3rd

Wow, is it already Friday?  Where has time gone!  We have now gone through 4 1/2 weeks of school here in Brevard County, Florida.  Time flies when you are having fun I guess!  Let's get on with the positives and I hope this week you'll share some too!  Make this guy smile big!

Last Friday I subbed in Kindergarten and had a wonderful day with a bunch of little ones.

  • Got to talk to the amazing Kindergarten teachers in the morning they are so kind and helpful!  
  • I had the chance to do some fun lessons with the Kinders including reading "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See."  They did some sequencing with it and a fun puppet!
  • The kiddos worked super hard for me and gave me a lot of hugs. 
  •  I was asked by one are you the best sub?  I said well I hope so, but that's up to you to decide and the others said yes you are the best!  So cute and sweet!
  • After a long day of subbing, I had a job interview at the school for Kindergarten and another position.  It was nice having the Kindergarten teachers in on the interview since I'm often requested by them.  I was by the wonderful AP that all the kids in the school love me.  Sadly, I just found out Thursday, I didn't get any of the positions, but it won't stop me from continuing to sub at the school and continuing to apply for open positions.  I know the right job will come to me at the school that is the best fit for me!
I almost forgot I also got to read to them a book I brought "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?"  Oh my gosh did those kids LOVE the story, many told me it was their favorite and they were going to be bucket fillers.

I didn't get to sub again until Thursday and it was back at another school that I've subbed at this year and a ton last year.  I was in a 3rd grade class and had them 2 weeks so I was very excited to know that I would have children who already know me and love me!

  • I got to talk to their teacher first thing in the morning, which was awesome and told her how great her lesson plans were!
  • The children were full of smiles coming in and some jumping up and down, the best sub ever is here today, yes!  We only want you as our sub!  One boy passing by says there's the Jelly Bean man. haha  I only used Jelly Beans a couple of times last year, but had to bring them again since I knew some of these kids loved them from 2nd grade last year.
  • I gave out Jelly Beans as the children answered questions (got super participation) and made great choices as I praised them!  One of their words on their spelling sheet was praise and they asked me what it meant.  haha  I think they understand now!
  • Got to talk to a couple of amazing 3rd grade teachers who are super helpful and offered to take children if I needed too, but that was not necessary these kiddos were too awesome!
  • One of the tougher students worked amazingly hard for me this time and made me so proud by getting everything done!  
  • These children also used nice manners, which makes me so happy!
  • I dropped the kids off at lunch and the 4th graders from a couple of weeks ago yelled for me to come over so excited to see me.  They told me they want me to always be there sub because I'm the best!
  • At the end of the day after doing an amazing job of cleaning the floor again these sweet 3rd graders told me they only want me for their sub, they are going to tell their teacher to only pick me, and they like me because I am nice and I give candy.  
I have never been a big fan of candy, but when subbing it seems to really do the trick.  I get the children on my side so quickly and easily and it leads to a really nice day.  I really haven't had any bad days of subbing this year or last year.  So if the trick is candy then candy it is my friends!

I am subbing on Friday a half day, that will be included in next week's post.  It is at the same school as today, but with different 3rd graders.  I probably know some from 2nd grade last year so it should be a fun day!

What's your opinion on candy in the classroom?  Leave a comment below and please post your positives too!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!  Keep on smiling!

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