Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Turning In Work

In a previous post, I talked about my favorite way to turn in work by using Laura Candler's organizational paper drop system.  Today, I thought I'd share another option that I found interesting while subbing at two different schools in Kindergarten and in 3rd grade.

Give each student a file folder and let them decorate it. 

 Put their name on it with permanent marker.  Either have your students put them in a stack between their desks if you have them in groups or on the corner of their desk.  When work is completed the student puts the work in the folder.  At the end of the day have them put their folder on the corner of their desk so you can easily collect it after they go home or have a student collect the work for you.

I see advantages and disadvantages to using this system.

The advantages are:

  • Students don't have to leave their seat.  This stops any problems that could occur between two or more students turning in work at the same time.
  • There is no waiting on another person to put a paper in the bin or manila envelope (paper drop system) so it saves time.
  • You'd put the papers in the gradebook probably one student at a time instead of by subject instead of the whole class by subject, which makes handing back the papers quicker and takes less time on your part because they are already grouped by student.
  • You know who has no name on the paper because you pull it out of the folder of who it belongs too!
The disadvantages:
  •  It would probably take longer putting grades in the gradebook due to going student by student for each subject instead of doing the whole class by subject.
  • You can not tell instantly who has not done their assignment until you have put their grades in the gradebook.
  • Little ones need to move so letting them turn it in somewhere would give them this opportunity instead of just putting it in their desk.
I am interested in knowing how you have your students turn in work.  Let me know in the comment section!

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  1. I have numbered clothespins on the wall. Students clip their work up as they finish. This motivates students to stay on task since I can tell immediately who hasn't turned work in. I remove completed work in order so it is easy to grade and enter into the gradebook. Works well for me :)

  2. Wow I haven't heard of that system. It sounds like it would work great though! Good way to work on that fine m otor as well for those that need it with the clothes pins. Thank you so much for sharing. :-)


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