Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Nouns includes FREEBIE!

I thought I'd share a couple of my most recent Halloween products, which would be perfect for your students this week.  First up is my FREEBIE.  Halloween Nouns.  I used all words that are Halloween related.  Children sort them according to person, place, or thing.  There is a worksheet included!  Click the picture to get your freebie.  I kindly ask that you leave nice feedback and a nice rating if you decide to download it.  If you have any suggestions for improvement send me an e-mail and I will work with you!

Next up is my Halloween Plural Nouns.  This one is Match or Go Fish Game and includes a worksheet where the students match the nouns with the plural nouns.  All words are Halloween related.  Most words students just add s to the ending.  There are some where they add -es, or drop the y and change it to an i before adding -es.  Click the pictures to head to TPT if you would like to purchase it for just $1.50.

I am now working on my Thanksgiving activities.  If anyone has any suggestions please add them in the comments below!  I will have a Number and Letter mini pack for Kindergarten and a Turkey Craftivity (Craft) up in the next couple of days.  Be a follower of mine at my store to know when they are posted!


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