Friday, November 30, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of November 26th, 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and pigged out on that yummy food like I did!  I sure do love that turkey.  Thankfully, I have leftover turkey!  :-)  This has been a super busy week of subbing, my busiest yet this year so let's get right to my fun!

Monday, I subbed for a couple of groups of 5th graders.  The children change classes.  It was about a 40 minute drive, but well worth it and I love this school
  • The office staff was yet again very friendly and helpful!
  • The 5th grade teachers were also so helpful!
  • The children came in the room quietly and helped so me how to do their check in, which made attendance go super easy!  
  • Each class of students were well behaved, worked hard, and were very polite and respectful toward me and each other.
  • One class remembered me from Music and seemed excited that I was there to sub for them!
Tuesday, I finally found work as I haven't found work on Tuesdays in quite awhile!  I landed in Kindergarten at the school I began my teaching career at.
  • The office clerk is still there since I taught and is always so friendly and welcomes me back each and every time.  She acts so excited each time I see her.  The secretary was also very welcoming.
  • I saw several teachers who were at the school when I taught and got hugs and hellos.  They were all excited to see me and the same with the custodians!
  • The teacher left me super good emergency lesson plans!
  • The children worked super hard and everyone completed all of their assignments.
  • We had fun singing, counting syllables in our names, graphing our names, writing about what makes us feel special, etc.
Wednesday, I worked a half day in the morning at a school I sub at frequently close to home in 2nd grade!
  • The office staff continues to be so kind and welcoming and so do the custodians.  One even said my favorite sub, Mr. Hopkins is back!
  • I saw one of the teachers I used to work with in the morning as children were entering the room.  It was great seeing a wonderful friend!
  • One of the children had a leaking water bottle first thing and immediately 3 or 4 girls came over and cleaned it up.  I didn't have to ask for any help!
  • These children then got a book out to read so quietly and they stayed very quiet the rest the morning for me.
  • They were super respectful and completed their work.  They were one of the best groups of children that I have subbed for this year.
  • I also saw some other children I have subbed for who were excited to see me!
Thursday, I worked all day at another school close to home in Art.  This was an all day assignment again! I had all grades from K-6, except for 4th grade.
  • The office clerk was so welcoming again.  She always ask me who I'm subbing for with a great big smile on her face!  
  • I was left a video on Shapes and Form to show each of the classes.  Most of the classes were very engaged and seemed to enjoy the video.
  • Kindergarten was super excited to see me calling my name and the same with two other Kindergarten classes who passed by me with a few giving out hugs and all the children full of smiles!  
  • I also had a 3rd grade class who I had subbed for earlier in the year, but when I subbed for them before 6 children were absent!  It looked like I had the whole crew this time.  Many of them said hello to me right away.
  • I saw a few teachers who I have subbed for previously who were excited to see me.
  • Finally, I saw another class on my way back from lunch who were excited to see me and one told me you subbed for me at my old school and he told me what school it was.  It was the school I was at the most last year!  He was the 2nd child I've seen from that school.
I picked up work for Friday in 2nd grade at a new school for me, so I will be posting how that goes next week!  It's nice to have a 5 day work week (or 4 1/2 technically).

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase in my store on Cyber Monday and Tuesday!  You helped give me the most sales in one day on Monday!  I appreciate each and everyone of you whether you have bought a product, downloaded a freebie, or are just visiting my blog.  You rock and make me smile!

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