Friday, November 9, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of October 5th, 2012

Here we are it's Friday!  Another week has come and gone.  I had quite a good, fun week of subbing so let's get to it!

Last Friday, I was back in Music for a half a day in the morning.
  • Again, the secretary and office clerk welcomed me with open arms.  They are such kind ladies!
  • I taught Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grade.
  • I again showed Bill Nye The Science Guy Insects and a little bit of Meteors and Comets.  Kindergarten was completly 100% engaged in the videos and even talked to each other about the videos!  Very impressive as the vocabulary was much higher than their level.
  • For all 3 classes I also played a song or two from The Learning Stations great new CD Action! Fun! Dance! for Kids.  Click on the name of the CD if you want to purchase it.  The whole CD is full of movement with catchy songs from many different cultures.
  • I also stopped by to say to my friend and her class who were outside on the playground.  The kids were beyond excited to see me with most of the 2nd graders jumping into my arms!  They are such a sweet class who I truly enjoy subbing for when she is out!

Monday, I subbed in 3rd grade at a school I had never been to before.
  • The front office staff made me feel very welcome and so did the other 3rd grade teachers!
  • The students came in the door with hardly any talking at all and this continued for at least an hour!  
  • The students worked really hard on their reading, math, and butterly life cycle sequencing.
  • They were very respectful, hard working, and used great manners.  I didn't have to repeat directions or redirect students hardly at all.  They were one awesome bunch of students.
  • A few of them told me that I was the best sub/teacher ever!
Tuesday there was no sub work for me, but I got a call that morning for a short term 4th grade job interview that I had in the afternoon!  I am waiting to hear if I got the job.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, I was the Math lab person and the children met me in the computer lab.
  • The secretary was very kind and welcoming!
  • 2 other teachers came in to help me out during Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade because the students had never been to the computer lab before.  They helped with logging the students on.  I appreciated their help.
  • I was very proud of the younger students for waiting for us to get them logged on, especially 1st grade who were first in the lab as we figured out how to get them on.  They were so patient and well behaved!
  • The students had fun on and a couple of other programs the school has called Fast Math and Kids College.  Kindergarten had fun on
  • I also had 3rd-6th grade who all did an awesome job of loggin on themself and 2nd grade only a couple needed help.
  • The students were very good at staying on the assigned programs!
Thursday, I had a wonderful day in 5th grade at a school close to home that I sub at quite a bit.
  • I was again welcomed by open arms by the front office staff.
  • 5th grade put on a Veteran's Day performance for the rest of the school in 2 groups and did an outstanding job.  They belew me away with the best Veteran's program that I have ever seen.  Way to go 5th grade, you made me proud!
  • During the program I saw both the wonderful principal and assistant principal of the school.  They were both full of smiles and were happy that I was there and had the chance to see the program!
  • I had two groups of 5th graders.  Both groups of students were very respectful me and all students completed their assigned work.  They really worked hard for me!
  • The first group of students especially impressed me as they were dead quiet from the second I passed out their tests to take.  I never had to even ask them or remind them of no talking during a test!  Very impressive to see that as a sub!  They truly filled my bucket and I hope to sub for them again in the future.
Today, Friday, I have work in 4th grade at another school close to home.  I'll blog about that next week.

In blogging news, I can't believe that we are now past 195,000 views, most likely next week at this time I will have 200,000.  You all are amazing to keep visiting my blog.  I love each and everyone of you!

Please post your positives in the comments below.  Share with us success stories of your students.  Did any students light bulb pop on this week?  Did your whole class pass a test?  Did a student do something extra kind for you or another student?  Did a student say something extra sweet?  Share with us!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


  1. The kids pulled together while I was out Monday, unexpected, and the sub left a wonderful note about how well the kids did. That made this teacher smile.

    1. YEAH good for the kids on behaving for their sub! You have obviously trained your students well. Hats off to you and your students!

  2. We had parent conferences this week I was really impressed with the parents of my students. They were very kind and really listened to my comments and/or suggestions about their child. I appreciated their attendance and support

    1. I am so happy to hear that you have such supportive parents. I am sure their children will succeed due to their wonderful support and your hard work. Please send me an e-mail for a free teaching product

    2. Thanks It is

  3. I had parent conferences this week and most of my parents shared that they were happy with how their child was doing and how I am teaching. I always love that positive feedback.

    1. That is always awesome to hear such nice things coming from parents! Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing your positive!

  4. I had one of those awesome 'I made the right choice' moments for one of my boys last week. One of those moments when I could have blurted out the wrong thing, but I didn't, and he and I had a terrific day together:) A day I'll remember for a long time.
    (You can check out the whole story on my blog if you like.)

    Thanks for giving everyone an opportunity to share the great stuff, because we all know how easy it is to focus on the negative:)

    Teaching in Progress

    1. Wow that is awesome Nikki! I appreciate you sharing your positive and I sure will head over to read the whole story. You are very welcome that is exactly why I post my Positive Fridays every week for me to share my positives and others theirs because there is too much focus on negatives unfortunately.


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