Friday, December 7, 2012

Positive Fridays - Dec. 2nd, 2012

Hip, hoppin' hooray, it's Friday!  Sorry that I have not blogged much.  I have been busy subbing.  My computer is also having problems and is heading to be fixed so I may not be blogging much next week either.  I had such a fabulous week so let's get on to the positives!

Last Friday, I spent the day in a new school for me in 2nd grade!
  • The office clerk and secretary were incredibly helpful.  Another teacher was super kind and walked me to the room!
  • Parents came in to drop children off and were so friendly toward!
  • The children worked hard on a reading test, learning about Native Americans, checked out the Santa Shop, and reviewed some math skills.
  • They were well behaved, polite, respectful, and hard workers.
  • Many of them told me I was the best sub!  That is always so sweet to hear!
On Monday, I ventured off to 6th grade at one of my favorite schools the past couple of years.  I was subbing for a teacher that I went to school with to become a teacher, which was really neat!
  • The office clerk again greeted me with a wonderful smile and welcome!  
  • I saw many children who I previously subbed for who were so excited to see me, yelling my name or giving me hugs.
  • The 6th graders had a super nice welcoming message on the board for me.  That was a first!  What a great way to start the day.
  • I had two groups of 6th graders.  The 2nd group was super quiet.  Both groups worked really hard on a packet of review skills.
  • They did an awesome job raising their hands if they needed my assistance on problems and worked in pairs nicely.
On Tuesday, I zoomed off to another school that I frequently sub at and love.  I had 3rd graders!
  • I originally was supposed to have 4th grade, but the amazing secretary told me that she knows that I can handle a challenging class so she switched me to 3rd grade.
  • Some 4th graders from a different class than I was going to have saw me when they were walking to class and said hi to me very excitedly!  I also saw my favorite 2nd grade class who was super excited to see me and many gave me hugs.  I get to sub for them again on the 18th!
  • The children came in super quietly and I hardly even heard them until an hour after school started and even then they were fairly quiet.
  • They did an awesome job of participating and loved taking turns reading allowed their reading story and science lesson.
  • They filled my bucket as many of the children drew pictures, made snowflakes, and other things for me that said that I was the best sub they ever had and gave me hugs.  
  • These kids were super sweet and respectful toward me!
On Wednesday, I was at another new school for me in 4th grade.
  • The office lady was super friendly and walked me to my room!
  • The teacher was in the building running the Science Fair so she welcomed me and gave me tips on who to keep an eye on and what works best for them.  Her tips worked wonders!
  • The children worked hard on their reading, math (multiplying problems with 0's in them) and science and social studies.
  • This was the inclusion class so they had a couple of teachers who came in and helped who were super kind and helpful.
  • The children were respectful toward and raised their hands when they needed something.
On Thursday, I subbed at the same school as Wednesday, but this time in Kindergarten for a teacher I used to work with, which was really awesome!
  • The office lady welcomed me back and seemed pleased that I picked up the job.
  • The other Kindergarten teachers were super helpful by going over what to do with the children, giving me a video to show, and other things to do with the children if time allowed.
  • The children came in and were very friendly and helpful.  They helped me find things like the stamp that I put on their stamp chart for parent signing their behavior chart.
  • They enjoyed listening to me read The Gingerbread Boy and were very quiet during the story and instruction.
  • They worked hard on all assignments and were very respectful toward me.  They told me they liked me and a few gave me hugs.
  • Other children who don't know me in the school greeted me and smiled.  I also met the principal who introduced herself and was very nice.
  • Finally, I ran into a student who said I subbed for him at his other school last year.  He seemed excited to see me!
I have no subbing today, due to a Dentist appointment to get my x-rays and have the dentist check my teeth.  Not my type of fun, I hate the dentist, especially x-rays.  I seem to gag.  :( 

Don't forget to leave me your hoppin' positives for the week!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


  1. Hey Brian, you have been very busy!! Hope the dentist went okay.. I have had 11 teeth pulled in my lifetime so it is not my favorite person!! Sounds like you had a busy (but good) week!

    1. Hi Laura, yes I have thank goodness! It has been much slower this year than it was last year with subbing unfortunately, but it is starting to pick up! Oh no that is not fun having 11 teeth pulled. I've only had my wisdom teeth pulled thank goodness. I didn't gag for the first time ever with those x-rays and the dentist told me my teeth were as strong as a child's teeth and to keep taking care of them! So happy to hear that!


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