Friday, December 14, 2012

Positive Fridays - December 10th, 2012

It's Friday!  Yippie!!!  First off I am so thankful for each and everyone of you who keep checking out my blog.  I happened to notice that many from Brevard keep coming back.  I saw Titusville, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, and Melbourne Beach checking out my blog this week.  I am so honored!  Thank you so much!  Now let's get to all the positives from another busy week!

Friday, I had my dentist appointment, which was just x-rays and dentist checking it.  I'm happy to report no cavities and he said my teeth are as strong as a child's!  :-)  He said keep doing what you are doing to take care of your teeth we like patients like you who do what we tell you to do!  :-)

Monday, I had a job interview for 1st grade so I'm waiting the results.  I felt like it went super well.  I knew the programs the school uses like The 100 Book Challenge and 95% group!

Tuesday, I subbed in a 1st grade class.  2nd time at this school about 25 minutes from home.
  • The office staff was very friendly and helpful and so were the 1st grade team!
  • The students came in quietly and put their homework up and got started right away reading a book.  
  • The children were well behaved, worked hard the whole time, enjoyed some fun stories, and used great manners!
  • A great volunteer helped out with Accelerated Reader in the morning.
  • I saw some 3rd graders on the playground who ran over to say hi to me, others came up to ask if I was a new teacher at the school.
  • At the end of the day a 6th grade girl came running up to me so excited and happy yelling my name.  It was one of the 5th graders I taught in the short term last year.  It made my day seeing how happy she was to see me as that showed me I made a difference in her life in that short time.  She had changed schools.
Wednesday and Thursday I was in the same 4th grade class at a school close to home that I frequent a lot and love!
  • The office staff is always friendly and kind.
  • The children both days did a nice job of getting out their planner and copying it and starting their morning work.
  • They worked extra hard on their Reading work and enjoyed Christmas stories.  Most students finished their work.  They also wrote some awesome stories!
  • They were so excited that I know Melissa Forney and told me to tell her hi.  She was excited that they were excited!  :-)
  • Children in other classes came up to me and said hi and some gave me hugs.
  • I also saw an 8th grader both days who I taught back in 2nd grade.  She has grown so tall and she was so excited to see me just as I was to see her.  She was one of the hardest working, best citizens that I have ever taught!  I am so proud of her as she continues to do well in school, getting great grades!
  • I saw another one of my favorite classes outside at the end of the day and told 2 of the girls they were one of my favorite classes.  Their little eyes lit up, they thanked me, and ran and told their teacher.  It always feels good to fill others buckets!
Friday, I head off to 2nd grade at the school I began my career at.  I can't wait to see my friends over there again and have a great day with the 2nd graders!

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