Friday, December 21, 2012

Positive Fridays - Week of December 17th, 2012

It's Friday!  This will be the last Positive Friday post of 2012 since school is out of session for the next two weeks.  I will miss being with the kiddos, but I will likely be tutoring a 1st and 5th grader so at least I'll have those two munchkins to have fun with! 

Friday I was back at the school I began my career at.  This time I subbed in 2nd grade!
  • It was great seeing the office clerk, secretary, and so many teacher friends again.  They are all so welcoming and kind!
  • When I opened the door to the 2nd graders, I was across the hall from the Kindergarten class I had subbed for a boy immediately ran up to me saying hi, Mr. Hop!  His mom was right there and said her son went home that day and talked nonstop about me!  Other Kindergarten kids said hi to me as well.
  • The children worked hard on Christmas worksheet activities, practiced for their spelling test on white boards, and took their spelling test.  
  • As I went to pick up the children at lunch a parent came up to me of a child who I had taught my 2nd year of teaching.  She is now in 8th grade and doing super well!  Her mom was there to eat with the student who I taught sister, who I went over to say hi and get my hug.
Monday's dentist appointment went well for those wondering.  She said I did a nice job of brushing my teeth and getting most of the plaque off.  Thank goodness, no more dentist until June!!!

Tuesday, I subbed for my friend in 2nd grade.  This was I believe the 4th time I have subbed for her class and they love me dearly!  Well most of them do!
  • The kids came in and several gave me hugs and good mornings!
  • We planned to watch The Polar Express most of the day, but we had technical difficulties until the end and then got to watch some of it.  They were so excited!
  • I read them several Christmas stories that they loved.  They were so quiet listening to the stories and worked hard on a couple of fun Polar Express activities: word search and crossword puzzle earlier during the day.
  • One student told me I was the best teacher ever and gave me a hug.
  • Another student came up to me when I was helping a student with regrouping addition work and said "Can I Have A Hug?"  Now how can anyone turn that down?  I had her wait a minute so I could finish that problem and then gave her a hug.  Such a sweet child!
Wednesday, I had no sub work, but Thursday, I went back to the school I started my career at and subbed in 3rd grade.
  • As always it is so awesome being welcomed by the office clerk and secretary and getting to see so many of my friends who still work at the school.  They are all so supportive and kind and I am making new friends too!
  • As the kids came in a girl went to her class next door who saw me and smiled and said hi to me super friendly.  I later saw her class at lunch behind my class and she had 2 others gave me hugs and again right before dismissal.  They asked me if I would sub for them again and I said yes I'd be happy too, but you have to ask your teacher.  So they went and asked her immediately and she said she will be sure to request him!  Yeah!  I only had that group a half day before!
  • We had a guest reader, who happened to be a parent of a child I taught for about 6 weeks my 2nd year of teaching before a new teacher came in to take some of our overload of Kindergarten children, including her child.  Today, I had her sister!  It was nice to reconnect.
  • We also had fun watching The Polar Express and another class came in to watch as well.  The children also had fun decorating a Christmas tree craft with ornaments that had names from other countries.  They were learning about Christmas Around the World!
  • I also saw another former student's sister who I had subbed for once last year and got a hug from her.
That is it for 2012 with subbing my friends!  I still have not heard about how the job interview went.  I'm still hopeful as I was told they would let me know either way.  Hopefully, some good news is headed my way soon as I can't wait to have my own class again and make more of a difference in student's lives!

Don't forget to make me smile and leave a positive about your week, school or personal is fine with me!  Also don't forget to do random acts of kindness!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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