Monday, January 21, 2013

13 Tips On Teaching Kindness

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  We need to work more as a country with getting along with each other.  The best way to start by doing so is to teach children kindness.  If they grow up being kind this world will be a better place.

  • Do something to make a child smile.  They will smile back, which will make you smile!
  • Ask yourself what have I done to fill a bucket today?  
  • Ask yourself what are you doing for others?
  • Laugh more
  • Hug more
  • Smile more
  • Care more
  • Tell the kids you love them.
  • Teach children to work out their own problems in a nice manner by modeling I statements.
  • Play more learning review games with them.
  • Say yes more.
  • Surprise them by eating with them.
  • Play with them at recess.
These tips above will certainly help model kindness to your students and they are highly likely to be kind right back to you and their classmates.  Let's help make this world a better place like Martin Luther King, Jr. did.

Leave your tips for being kind in the comments below.  Also share with us what you did to be kind to a child today!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


  1. Good tips Brian! I find that kindness generates more kindness, and we all know this world can use a lot more kindness!

    1. How right you are Leslie! Kindness sure does generate more kindness. Let's keep spreading it! :-)

  2. Thanks for this Brian. I am doing RAK hearts for Hundreds Day and Valentines Day. I asked my kids to do two random acts of kindness at home and two random acts of kindness away from home. If everyone does 4 RAKs we will be able to get to 100. It may take longer than Hundreds Day, but hopefully we will get there by Valentines Day.
    We have been following LifeVestInside. My kids love the Kindness boomerang.

  3. You are welcome! It sounds like your children are working on being kind. Love the activity. I will have to check out LifeVestInside! Thanks for your wonderful ideas!

  4. I love this... a reminder for each day we spend with those little kiddos. All of our words and actions matter. Thank you!

    Whimsy Workshop 

    1. Susanna,

      You are so right our words and actions do matter. In return the kids will be kinder to the teacher and their classrooms. I've seen it time and again while subbing. Thanks for your comment.



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