Friday, January 25, 2013

Positive Fridays - Week of January 21st, 2013

TGIF Happy Friday everyone!!!  I hope each of you had a super outstanding week and will leave your own positives in the comments.  It sure will make me smile!

Last Friday, I subbed for my favorite Kindergarten class.  These children are always so sweet and kind.  They know how to make this guy smile!
  • The office staff greeted me as they always do and I got my key from the secretary so I keep those doors locked!
  • I had a great help next door as the two teachers keep their rooms open.  That teacher is always very appreciative of my help and calls me the best sub in the school.  She knows how to make me smile!
  • One of the students came in and told me how much she likes me and gave me a hug.  Later she told me she missed me and hopes that I will always be their sub because I'm the best sub and so nice!  What a bucket filler.
  • As always this group was well behaved, respectful, cooperative, and kind.
  • I also had an assistant most of the day as her class went to the zoo and they had so much help she decided to stay and came to help one student who had an amazing day.
  • I told the parent at car loop what a super day that student had!
Tuesday through Thursday I am grouping together this week because I was in Skills activity class, which was all Math this week. I had every grade Kindergarten through 6th grade.  I am there today too and will blog about that next week.
  • The office staff is always very kind to me and I also get a key to keep the door locked!  The pencil sharpener isn't working in the classroom so I've been sharpening pencils in the lounge and the awesome bookkeepers kids me about that.  We'll see you tomorrow sharpening them pencils.  I love her, she's amazing!
  • The custodians are always super appreciative of how I keep the room clean.  One day they said he deserves a lollypop!  Somebody get him one.  There's several of them and they all get so excited when they see me.
  • I did crosswalk duty all week so I was outside doing that with some of the activity teachers and the computer tech.  They were so kind to me all week and one even told me you need to get out of here now you work so hard!  So nice that they recognize how hard I work!
  • The majority of the students were so kind, cooperative, and many of them super quiet.  Some I had taught their class before and some of those were extra excited I was there.
  • 1st and 3rd grade made me some sweet pictures when they finished their work and told me the pictures were for me.
  • One student who is in 3rd grade went the extra mile to make me smile on Thursday.  I'll share that story before I end my positives for this week.  Her class is first on Thursday and she comes walking over to me Hi Mr. Hopkins I'm so happy you are subbing for us and gives me a hug.  She picks a seat near the teacher desk and says I'm sitting here to be near Mr. Hopkins.  (I don't sit at the desk, I walk the room to help and keep kids on task, but it's the thought that counts!).  She told me how she likes me and wants me to always be their sub when their teacher is out and that she misses me and loves my jolly ranchers.  I told her how I really appreciate her saying such nice things about me.  She says well don't other kids and I said of course some do!  I told her I would love to sub for her class again that she can tell her teacher and she can ask for me.  I told their teacher how much she and some others want me back as their sub and then this girl and another one go up to their teacher and say the same thing.  The teacher said she see what she can do or something like that and then said what do you want me to be out?  They said no, then she turns around and walks to me and says actually I do want her out, I want you to teach me!  That there is a bucket filler!  She reminds me of a 3rd grader from last year that was always being kind to me and others.
I also had a blast tutoring a wonderful 1st grader Monday and Thursday.

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling. =)

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