Friday, January 18, 2013

Positive Fridays - Week of January 13th, 2013

It's Friday!!!  I hope each and everyone of you had a terrific week.  I had fun in Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 3rd grade!  Read about my adventures and I would love to hear about your positives too. :-)

Last Friday, I had the chance to sub for a friend's Kindergarten class at a school that I sub at all.

  • I was welcomed and told to go get a key that we will now be keeping the doors locked every time.  I'm glad as it's important for the children and myself to feel safe!
  • Walking to the classroom, two Kindergarten children in another class saw me and yelled "Hi, Mr. Hop."  That's what many of the Kindergarten and 1st graders call me.  I've also been called Mr. H., Hoppy, Hops, etc.
  • When the Kindergarten kids that I taught came in the room, I was told they were waiting so quietly in line and they immediately said hi Mr. Hopkins very enthusiastically!  
  • We learned about how we get food from the farm to the stores and to us.  We read some stories, discussed it, and they had fun writing about it and drawing some awesome pictures.
Monday, I picked up a day to work in a Kindergarten/1st Grade class about 40 minutes from home.
  • I was welcomed by office staff and given a key.  Many of the teachers seemed to keep the door unlocked, but I kept my locked and always will when I'm given a key.  
  • It was nice seeing the teacher next door when I subbed for before Christmas and used to teach with her!  Her children saw me and many said hi to me.  The children I taught came in quietly into the classroom and got right to work.
  • As they completed their work all day they happily grabbed a book and started reading and took AR quizzes.  It was nice to see children excited about books.
  • Both groups of children worked very hard, raised their hand when they needed help, and were quiet during stories I read to them.
  • Many of the Kindergarten children were adding very well when we practiced whole group, and the 1st graders I taught how to add 2 digit numbers, including with regrouping.  I couldn't believe they learned this in 1st grade, halfway through the year!  Many had a tough time, but a couple were truly getting it.  The principal came in and watched me teach it to them!
Tuesday, I picked up work in 3rd grade at a school that I'll be at all next week and sub at a lot.  This was my first time there since the tragedy in CT.  I had taught this group for a half a day earlier in the year.  This is one of the best 3rd grade groups that I have taught since the amazing 3rd and 4th graders from last year who I miss so very much!
  • The secretary greeted me and also gave me a key to keep my room locked all day, which I happily did.
  • The children came in the room, many saying my name excitedly.  I also saw many other children who I have subbed for who came over to say hi or give hugs.
  • This group of children were fairly quiet for their S.S. District Test, and a Division Math Test, were respectful toward me and each other, and cooperative. 
  • They also worked very hard during centers and small groups.
  • During recess, a couple of 3rd grade girls from another class who I taught twice earlier in the year came running to me saying hi and giving me a hug.  They told me how much they like me and especially the jolly ranchers I give out.  
  • I also saw a group of 4th graders who I taught twice and their teacher all of which were excited to see me.  It feels so great to feel so loved by so many students!
I also tutored a first grader on Tuesday and Thursday and he is making some good progress.  On Tuesday, I also got a haircut. :-)

Unfortunately, I had Wednesday and Thursday off this week.  I also found out that I did not get the 1st grade job I had interviewed at before break. :(  I am still hopefully that soon a principal will see the talent I have and give me a chance to make a difference in children's lives.

What positives do you have to share for the week?  Leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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