Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Six Activities for When the Snow Keeps the Kids Home From School

I am thrilled to again have Kellie back to guest blog from StudyDog!   She has some fun ideas for parents when snow keeps the kids home from school.  Teachers pass these ideas to your parents!
 Six Activities for When the Snow Keeps the Kids Home From School
With winter officially here there are bound to be a few snow days in the months ahead. Although your children will likely be thrilled to have some extra time off from school, it may leave you clambering to keep them entertained. However with a little creativity, a snow day offers the opportunity for some fun-filled family activities and quality time spent together.
Here are six ideas to help avoid cabin fever on a snow day:
Get Out the Camera – The new fallen snow can be a perfect opportunity to get outside and take photos of the snow-white landscape. Go on a walk and let the kids experiment with different camera angles. Check the advanced settings on your camera to see if it includes a snow or winter feature to help correct any white balance.
The movie mode on most digital cameras can also help fill an afternoon with fun. Have the kids come up with a script, set, props and costumes prior to filming. Take the film production up a level by spending time on the computer editing the film, creating a movie poster and even tickets. With other kids and parents looking for ways to fill their time, invite them to take part in the filming and production. Hold a movie premiere that evening so the kids can showcase their hard work.
Have Fun Online – There are many fun and educational activities for children to do online and will help fill some time. For new readers, StudyDog has an interactive reading program that makes learning to read fun. Wonderopolis, National Geographic Kids and Yahoo! Kids are a few other educational websites worth checking out.
Start a Snow Day Tradition – There are sure to be a few snow days throughout your child’s educational career, create a couple snow day traditions or rituals you can enjoy together. This could include making snowmen and going sledding, re-reading a favorite book or two, preparing a special meal or snack with favorite comfort foods or pulling out the arts and crafts supplies for an afternoon of creative fun.

Get Some Extra Help – Have the kids help you clear the snow by giving them their own shovel and assigning them a small section of the walkway. Even if they aren’t able to accomplish much or end up playing most of the time, it will help keep them busy and entertained. You can also use the snow day to get help with some indoor chores you may have been procrastinating. Assign the kids different tasks and be sure to let them know you appreciate their hard work.

Have a Beach Party – Imagine you are in a warmer location by turning your family room into a temporary beach. Get out the beach towels and decorate the room with things that remind you of the beach and summer. Take it up a notch by making fruit smoothies, playing beach music and getting dressed up in sunglasses and Hawaiian leis.
Make a Book – Get out old magazines, newspapers and catalogs and have the kids create a story using them. They can cut out words and pictures and glue them onto blank paper. Staple the pages together and have them read their book to you and other family members.
What are your recommendations for things to do when stuck at home on a snow day?

Thank you so much for guest blogging for me today Kellie!  

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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