Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Music In The Classroom

I'm a big fan of using music in the classroom.  How about you?  I didn't use it as much as I would have loved to at one school I taught at because it was an open school meaning the walls went halfway up kind of like cubicles.  I did use it a bunch at another school I taught at.  Here are some ideas on using music in the classroom.

Work Time
  • Many teachers use classical music as a way to calm students during work time.
  • Sometimes it's fun to pick fun songs or popular songs that the children like from One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, etc.  If they stop working and are only singing then the natural consequence is the music is off.
  • Music is fun for games like musical chairs for parties.
  • It also works well for selecting partners for articles.  They have to find a partner when the music stops.  After they do the brief activity the music starts again and they keep walking until the music stops and pick a new partner.
Brain Breaks
  • Children need to get out of their seat sometimes and move their body.  I love using music from The Learning Station, Greg and Steve, and Jack Hartmann.  Check out a couple of my favorite videos below!

  • Music works well as a signal for when clean up time.  Everything must be put away and students in their seats by the time the music stops.
  • Use it to get students in line if you have a class who dawdles on the way to the line.  They must be in line when the music stops.
  • Sing songs in line before getting them out the door.
  • Sing a chorus of a song or an entire song during a transition from one activity to another and students must be ready by the time is done.  A lot of behavior problems seem to arise during these transitions and this is a good way to put an end to that!    

Learning Songs
  • There are also many songs out there to teach multiplication, addition, phonics, the alphabet, numbers, songs about the weather, seasons, states, etc.  Many children learn best when learning is put to music!

I often share youtube videos I find on my facebook page.  So be sure to join me there!
Be sure to tell us in the comments how you use music in the classroom.  Did I leave a great way to use music out?  Also what are your favorite songs and children's groups or singers that you use in the classroom?

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings. Keep on smiling!


  1. I love using music in the classroom. I use light, classical music during writing time. I also use more upbeat, "fun" music during pack up. They have to be done by the end of the song.

    The Cornerstone Classroom

    1. Happy to hear that you use music in the classroom Jessie!!! I bet your students enjoy it too!

  2. I teach K-6 Special Education for students with behavior issues. I like to play music from Pandora in my classroom. I use to just play Classical Music, but the Classical stations on Pandora got very repetitive, so we started playing other words with lyrics. My students do really well with working through it. Sometimes we will have "dance parties" at the end of really good behavior days and dance to Cha Cha Slide or Cupid Shuffle or something like that. We use music for many different things at calendar with our little ones. I use a lot of youtube videos of catchy songs for learning also to catch their attention.

    Heather Salsman
    Teaching Through Turbulence

    1. Hi Heather,

      Those kids with behavior issues need all that movement so I'm glad that you are doing music with movement. Great idea to also play music with words. Some kids also can't stand Classical. That way you are reaching all of them. I say go for it and let them sing and work, as long as they are working that is what counts! Love the dance party idea too. Your students are lucky to have you!



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