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Positive Fridays - Week of February 4th, 2012

The busy beaver that is what you can call me this week as I worked all 5 days and they were full days not half days for the first time this school year!  I was busy like this last year all the time, but there were less subs and I also had a full month in an amazing 3rd/4th grade class and the short term with 5th grade.  Anyway Happy Friday to each of you.  I will get on with the positives!

Last Friday, I subbed in 3rd grade at one of the schools I frequently sub at.  I had subbed for this teacher last year and knew her plans would be excellent and I was right!
  • I was greeted by the secretary and got my key for the room.
  • I was also greeted by the wonderful 3rd grade team (2 of who I had subbed for this year) and another teacher next door who was very helpful!
  • The children learned about solids, liquids, and gasses and fractions among other things.
  • I had children come up and tell me that I am nicer than their teacher.
  • Some told me they want me to always be their sub, which is always so sweet to hear.
  • They asked me if I would play kickball with them outside and be the pitcher so I did and had a blast!  It was one of my favorite childhood games.
  • They were also excellent workers.
  • I also saw my favorite 2nd grade class at lunch and when walking the 3rd graders back from lunch.  They were so excited yelling my name and giving me hugs.  They always fill my bucket!
Monday, I had a 45 minute trip to work in 1st grade for a class I had subbed for before (the only other time I have been to the school).
  • I was immediately greeted by the office clerk and secretary and got my key to the room.
  • Several of the children remembered me and said good morning Mr. Hop, you subbed for us before!
  • Their behavior was absolutely excellent.  They work hard and get everything done.
  • They were learning a lot about the weather and the changes that weather can bring.  We had great discussions about volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, etc.  
  • They told me they always want me to be their sub and that they really like me.  Some gave me hugs and a couple made me some sweet things one was a heart that said "I live (love) you."  That child hardly even spoke and gave one word answers when I tried to talk to her so I didn't know until then what she thought of me!
  • The first grade team was wonderful and supportive!  One of which I went to college with to be a teacher!  Way cool!
Tuesday, I had almost a 40 minute trip to the school I began my career at in 3rd grade.  I am really doing a lot of work in 3rd grade this year!  I have fallen in love with it and I really think it's a grade I would love to teach despite the high stakes testing and extra paperwork.
  • I got my hug from the amazing office clerk who was there when I taught at the school!  She's one in a million.  I also was thanked by the secretary for coming in and helping out today and got my key.
  • The 2nd grade teacher next door welcomed me.  Another 2nd grade teacher asked if I could work for her in March and took my name and number!
  • When I opened the door for the kids a few kids came by who I had subbed for previously and said hi or gave me hugs, which is always so sweet!  One asked when I would sub for them again and I told her to go beg her teacher!
  • The students learned about climate and used a map key, compared and contrasted during a reading story, and worked with tangrams in Math for geometry.
  • I got a hug from a sweet student who I subbed for last year and is the sister of a child I taught my 2nd year of teaching.
Wednesday, I was closer to home at one of my favorite schools that I frequently sub at in 2nd grade.
  • I was greeted by the awesome office clerk and secretary and got my key.
  • The teacher next door was super helpful and helped me find paper as there wasn't enough for morning work, otherwise the teachers plans were very well organized and super easy to follow and know what to do!
  • This group also learned about the weather and also the benefits the sun gives us.  They also had fun measuring things around the classroom with a partner, and visualizing in reading. 
  • One child was on a behavior plan and scored all, but 1 point.  She was amazing and did all of her work for me.
  • I had a small group of students who did an activity from Teachers Pay Teachers! :-)  They had to unscramble sentences and were so well behaved and did it so quickly that I read "Have You Filled A Bucket?"  They enjoyed the story and were excellent listeners.
  • The rest of the class worked hard as well and were respectful.
Thursday, I was also closer to home at another of my favorite schools that I frequently sub at, but this time in 4th grade.  I subbed for this teacher last year and also this year a couple of times so I knew these children and knew the plans would be excellent.
  • I was greeted by the wonderful secretary and given my key.  
  • I was then greeted by one of the custodians who wants me subbing there daily because of clean the room always is.
  • The children came in and said hi and showed me their new pet Gecko.  One of the girls kept telling me he is cute.  They named him Spike.
  • They had so much fun playing Writing Bingo, which used writing words like capitals, punctuation, similes, vivid verbs, metaphors, run on sentences, etc.  They also enjoyed quizzing each other for a Science test that they will have tomorrow and took a practice reading test today.
  • As always this class works super hard, always finishes their work, and they never talk back to me.
Today, I'm in Kindergarten at the same school as yesterday.  I can't wait to have fun with this group.  I'll write about it next week.

So what positives do you have to share with us for the week?  Let us know in the comments below.  I always look forward to hearing about your students, your lives, and anything else that is positive.  The more positive we are the better place this world will be.  Don't you agree?

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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