Friday, March 29, 2013

Positive Fridays - Week of March 25th, 2013

Happy Good Friday to everyone! It's the last Friday in March, wow a quarter of the year almost over already. This will be a short post because the children have been on Spring Break all week, but I did sub on Friday so I will share my adventures from last Friday! 

Friday, I subbed in 2nd grade for my friend's class at a school near home. I have subbed for them a few times and they always ask me when I will sub for them again. 90% of the class gives me hugs if I run into them during the school day when subbing for another class. They are that sweet of a class!
  • On my way to the classroom one of the 2nd graders and her sister saw me and she came running over to me to give me a hug.  Her sister asked why she ran back to me and she said she had to give me a hug!
  • One by one as the children came into the room most of them gave me hugs or said good morning in very happy voices.
  • They got started right away on their spring crossword puzzle without me having to ask many of them.
  • This was their "Love of Reading" day so it would be a day of no regular work just fun activities!  They had fun with Manny the Manatee the mascot from the Brevard County Manatees baseball team.  He had them do a dance contest, read them a book on space, took questions, etc.  I then surprised them and ate with the class.  They were so appreciative saying that was the first time they had eaten in the class this year.  After lunch we went to see a Mustang (horse) and heard all kinds of stories about the Mustangs and visited a Science professor who brought his collection of rocks and gems for the children to check out.  We also watched a movie on Eric Carle's books, read some Easter books, and Tony Chestnut book and song by "The Learning Station."  
  • A few of the children including the one from first thing in the morning kept telling me that I am the best teacher ever.  The one girl told me she wished I was her teacher.  I told her she has an amazing teacher and she said she knows, she likes her too, but she wants me to be her teacher.  She knows how to fill my bucket.
Next week I already have Monday in the same 2nd grade class (so excited!) lined up and also Friday in 5th grade at another school I'm at frequently.  Hopefully, I'll fill the rest of the week up too.

On blog news thanks to each of you I have hit 400 followers on my blog and over 180,000 views.  Don't forget to check out the post right below this one to get your freebies from the Bunny Blog Hop.

Are you on spring break?  Let us know your positives from home or school in the comments below!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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