Friday, March 8, 2013

Positive Fridays: Week of March 4th, 2013

Well we have blasted past to another Friday.  It will be spring before we know it.  After a couple of slow weeks, I had a busy week of subbing.  I will post the highlights of my fun filled week!

On Friday, I had a half a day in 3rd grade at a school that I sub at frequently.
  • I got my keys and went to the classroom to take over for the teacher, who thanked me for coming in for her and the children said my name excitedly.  They got to go straight out to the playground.
  • At the playground, a 3rd grader from another class came running at me to give me hug and say hello like she does anytime she sees me at the school.  She knows how to fill my bucket.  Later I had her class for a half an hour and she was so excited.  One of her friends also asked me to sub for them for them again and gave me a hug.
  • Within an hour the class I had for a half day told me that I am the nicest sub and that they really like me a lot!  They were a well behaved kind class.
  • We worked on comparing fractions, putting fractions on a number line, and all about Mechanical Energy in Science.
On Monday, I had a full day in another one of my favorite schools close to home in 2nd grade.
  • I was thanked for picking up the job and told I had a really good class, got my keys and went to the room.  She had everything organized so well and it made the day easy.
  • The children came in very quietly and got started right away.  Several children from other classes either said hi to me excitedly and/or came over to give me a hug including a former student of mine!  She told me she got straight A's on her interim!
  • The teachers note said that is the best class she has had in 24 years of teaching!
  • The children truly were really well behaved, quiet, respectful, and cooperative.  They were certainly one of the best classes I have subbed for.
  • I also saw my favorite 2nd grade class where nearly every child gave me a hug, 2 told me I was the best teacher ever and they wanted to know when I would sub for them again or be there teacher!
On Tuesday, I had a full day of work in 3rd grade at another of my favorite schools close to home.
  • I got my keys and was asked if I knew how to find the room and headed off.  On the way to the room a Kindergarten teacher who appreciates how hard I work yelled hi to me.  
  • The children came in (I have taught this group before, but 7 were absent last time) and one gave me a hug.  Most remembered my name.  I also had a hearing interpreter in the room all day and she was a huge help!
  • I was told the children had a rough day on Monday for another sub and left the room a mess.  Well they worked hard for me, were mostly cooperative, respectful, quiet when I taught, and cleaned that room so well there wasn't even a tiny piece of paper on the floor.
  • We had fun reading Dr. Seuss books, learning about Geometry, and writing a story about a monkey!
  • I also saw some super Kindergarten children in the cafeteria who opened up their arms wanting hugs.  They are so sweet.
On Wednesday, I subbed for a Kindergarten class at that same school and had this class earlier in the year.
  • When I got to the room I found out the teacher (a friend of mine) left excellent lesson plans and was well organized.
  • The children were excited that I was their sub for the day and one boy immediately gave me a hug.
  • One boy who had a tough time the other time I subbed had a nice day for me.  It was great to see improvement!
  • The children worked hard on learning about bears (comparing a spring and winter bear), sequencing story events, and recognizing numbers to 100.
  • On the playground there were many children who came running up yelling my name and giving me hugs and again during dismissal.  The Kindergarten children at this school are extra sweet to me and their teachers love me too!  It's a great feeling.
I was unable to find work for Thursday, but I am subbing in 2 classes today.  Kindergarten in the morning and 2nd grade in the afternoon.  I will report on how that went next week.

Now don't forget to leave your positives for the week in the comments.  I really do enjoy reading about them.

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


  1. Wow. Lots of great things to be thankful firvin your post. Glad you had a great week.

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate that. It sure was a fun filled week, subbing is rewarding!


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