Friday, May 24, 2013

Positive Fridays - Week of May 20th, 2013

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm a little late getting this up and I apologize for that.  I did not sub at all this week (the last week of school, which ended on Wednesday), but I will blog about my fun time last Friday!  So let's get to the positives!

Last Friday, I subbed in a 2nd grade class for a half day in the afternoon so their teacher could go see a baby in the family being born.  I had subbed for this class for 2 half days already this year and she specifically asked for me, which makes me feel extra special!  She says I teach and I don't just throw the work at them like most subs do.

  • Many of the children cheered or had smiles on their faces and said Mr. Hopkins' is here when I came walking through the door.  They know how to make me feel special.
  • Several of them told me that I am the best sub they've ever had.
  • We enjoyed a pizza party during lunch time.  One sweet girl came up to me and said you sure are lucky you came on the right day so you could get free food! haha  
  • We did a comprehension worksheet and a page with lots of things going on in the picture and then some questions about the picture.  They also had fun watching School House Rocks Grammar for a half an hour.  This was all the work those lucky kids did as we also spent time cleaning their desks completely out and they also had activity and lunch during that short time I was there.
  • I gave a couple of brag tags out to the kids and wished them a super summer!
I did not work Monday through Wednesday.

I will be spending my summer tutoring children and working for The Learning Station.  I will also be working hard on new products.  Be sure to check out my store if you haven't lately for Synonyms in the Sun, Fun in the Sun - Homophones, and Multiplication in the Sun.

Look for Positive Fridays to come back next school year as I know many of you enjoyed them.  Please pray that I have some good luck and land a job with my interview on the 30th.  If that falls through I have a few interviews at a job fair in Daytona Beach.  Either one would be a drive for me, but it would be worth it to have my own class of children again.

Be sure to post your positives in the comments.  Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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