Sunday, June 23, 2013

One More One Less Freebie

One of the wonderful clip art artist contacted me on my blog stating the images appeared squished to her.  I guess they weren't proportionally correct.  I had no idea as no one has said anything to me about that with any of my products.  She gave me the helpful hint on how to fix it.  I did so and my FB fans liked it better.  I very much thank Ashley Hughes!  The clip art is from her!  It was very sweet of her to contact me to help me make my products even better!

So starting with this product Adding One (one more) Subtracting One (One Less) Games I will be working to make sure my images are proportional.  This will leave more white space instead of taking up the box.  Thus less ink for you!  

Anyway, if you have not seen this game, it is perfect for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students.  One game is played like bump.  Students roll the two dice and add them together.  Then add one more!  They cover that space on the board.  If the next player rolls the same number they can bump them off unless they have two counters already on it. 

The next game subtracting one less.  Students take turns picking 2 cards and subtracting them to find the difference.  They cover that space on the game board with a counter.  The first to get 4 in a row wins.  

Click the hyperlink of the name of the store that you would like to download this item for free: Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, EdWorld Exchange, Tools for School.

I am also linking this up with Maniac Mondays at Classroom Freebies!  Check out all the other awesome freebies. 
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
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    1. Thank you so much, you are so kind. You're welcome, hope your students enjoy them!

  2. Super cute, I love the stick figure clip art.

    Wild About Fifth Grade

    1. Thanks so much Melissa, those are from the amazing Ashley Hughes!



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